Fresh fruit and fruit cool to achieve cooperation and sharing of supply chain resources

fresh fruit and fruit cool to achieve cooperation and sharing of supply chain resources

[TechWeb] News reported in July 29th, fresh fruit cut and fresh fruit is easy to announce the brand fruit cool to achieve cooperation, the two sides will achieve the integration of resources, will share the fruit cool easy fruit fresh supply chain resources, and will use the advantages of fruit cool channel service boost in Beijing to further expand the market of fresh fruit in North china.

it is reported that fresh fruit has been easy to cover the country’s 18 provinces, 59 cities, online sales of more than more than 3 thousand and 200 varieties of food from around the world. Easy fruit has its own fresh cold chain system is developed, the north, on the wide and 3 to 4 positions not only has a daily average of 100 thousand single commodity production, is also equipped with a temperature controlled storage environment freezing and cold storage stable, with refrigeration, refrigeration, etc. products cover multi zone temperature. The completion of the Wuhan and Chengdu open this year, reaching the wider distribution. read more

Opinions vary true car electricity supplier in the road where

close to November 11th, the topic of the car electricity supplier and noisy. In recent years, the topic of the car electricity supplier has been repeatedly mentioned, the car electricity supplier model has been discussed several times, around what is the real car electricity supplier, the topic, the opinions vary, each with a different interpretation. What is the real car electricity supplier, how can we achieve true car electricity supplier needs to be analyzed from several aspects.

normalization is the premise of the electricity supplier read more

Jingdong start all over the world to find fresh activities to open the world to find fresh mode

Donews8 on Sept. 16 news (reporter Qiu Hui) 16, the Jingdong of fresh global strategy signing ceremony held in the headquarters of the Jingdong, Jingdong fresh division president Wang Xiaosong said at the ceremony, the Jingdong started searching the world fresh fresh "series of activities will be selected from the global station, global fresh origin.

Wang Xiaosong mentioned that the era of consumer upgrades, the most just need to reflect the upgrade of food consumption than. AC Nielsen’s research report shows that there are products from a variety of origin is one of the main reasons consumers choose fresh online shopping, accounting for up to 47%. read more