12 daily struggles only a vegan will understand

first_img Source: ✖️sakusei✖️/Twitter there is literally nothing for me to eat in this house except bread and oatmeal #veganprobs— sarah (@sarahsakusei) August 9, 2014 THERE ARE SOME life struggles that only come knocking at your door if you abstain from all animal products.We’re talking no meat, no dairy, no eggs – yep, this is hardcore. Of course, you’re in a lucky position in that you get to choose what you eat, but that said, there are definitely some niggles that come along with a restricted diet…1. People assuming you always want to talk about your dietSometimes you just really, really don’t. You just want to eat a meal in peace, OK? 2. Literally not being able to eat anything in a restaurantSee also: charging you €16 for a few aul lettuce leaves and a cherry tomato. Source: lrichgem2/YouTube3. Ending up comforting people because you can’t eat chocolateWhen people find out you can’t eat chocolate, or ice cream, or cheese, or certain types of crisps, they react as though they themselves were being told they had to abstain. Source: vulgar vegan4. Wedding food, conference food…You know in advance to bring snacks and to eat beforehand, as set menus are rarely a friend of the vegan. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet 10. Knowing that, on paper, you’re a nightmare dinner party guestBut you’re lovely. Honestly. Source: Tumblr11. People asking you about proteinPlants have protein! For the last time! Source: Imgur12. Realising you might actually be becoming a stereotypeYou’ve come to really enjoy making chia seed puddings and making your own almond milk. What’s next? Clothes out of hemp? Hmm, actually that doesn’t sound like an altogether terrible idea… Source: FavimRead: The 14 most annoying things about being a vegetarian>Read: 13 unexpected advantages to being a vegetarian> 5. All the tiny things you never realised contained animal by-productsMarshmallows? Et tu, brute? Thank God this bottled water is vegan, though, eh? Source: Imgur6. Always having to bring your own food to BBQsBut also secretly worrying that it’s kind of rude to do it. Sigh. Head-wrecking. Source: Imgur7. Absolutely baffling your extended familyChristmas can be, eh, a bit of an adjustment, let’s say. A pre-made nut loaf is the balm to a lot of vegan-related friction. Source: Imgur8. People asking if you’d eat your pet if you got stranded on a desert islandEr, no. Would you?! Source: Teckler9. Restaurants not even knowing what’s in their foodNo, vegan doesn’t mean gluten-free, and nope, can’t have the fish either. Source: luke/Twitter [at dinner party]Me: Excuse me, a bit of an announcement.. Jenny and I are expecting a kid. She is 4 months pregnant. Vegan: I’m vegan— luke [from online] (@internetluke) August 11, 2014last_img read more