Swipe system steels a march on time keeping

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Swipe system steels a march on time keepingOn 1 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article e-HRin action: Steel manufacturer Hadley Industries has found its new attendancesoftware system so popular and adaptable, it is now keen to explore other HRavenuesTimeand attendance systems are rarely viewed as strategic tools. They are vital to manycompanies but aren’t exactly a hot topic in the boardroom. West Midlands-basedsteel manufacturer Hadley Industries, however, is proving otherwise.Ayear ago the company, the largest UK-owned producer of steel cold-roll framesections, installed HR and payroll solutions company KCS’s HR and time andattendance (T&A) software as part of a £100,000 IT project. The intentionwas to streamline the work of Hadley’s HR function and replace a manualcard-based clocking-in process used across 11 operations with 450 staff. Withinthree months, the system had proved so effective that Hadley upgraded from 16licences to 46. “Previouslywe had an inefficient, convoluted system requiring personnel time and duplicaterecord-keeping,” says Mike Collier, business systems manager for HadleyIndustries.Thenew system”Wechanged this, virtually eliminating paperwork and saving a significant numberof man-hours with KCS’s k-TIME T&A system integrated with k-EM and, soon,the KCS payroll.”Thesystem records the employees’ working hours via a magnetic swipe card. Sitemanagers, supervisors, HR and management staff, have access to this data tohelp them manage staffing and workflow. It also can be used to record who is inthe building. Thereare also real strategic benefits to the system.IntergratedinformationSupervisorscan look at who has clocked in to determine whether there is likely to be amanpower shortfall. They can also change overtime profiles to suit demand andallocate holiday and authorised absence time.Allthis information can be integrated with the central KCS HR database, andultimately, the payroll system.”Supervisorsfeel in control with the new system and overtime is only approved when it isneeded,” says Collier.”Havingterminals on the shopfloor gives authority and freedom to staff makingdecisions. The screens are straightforward and definable to keep detail to aminimum.” Collieranticipated switching to the new system would present some difficulties butindividual sections have actually requested greater access to the system. Hadleyis at the stage of optimising use of the T&A software before it embarks ondeployment of the payroll system.Itis also looking ahead to some form of self-service HR, where staff will be ableto view their holiday entitlement and overtime details at the clocking-inpoint. However, Collier is cautious about trying to achieve too much too soon.”Intalking to some of the reference sites, the message seemed to be that whilesome had taken all the HR modules available, they weren’t really using themfully,” he says.”Iwant us to be able to use it for comparing job descriptions and looking atsite-wide people issues,” he adds.last_img read more