12 ads that will give you all of the feels

first_imgWE LOVE A good ad. We also love a good sob.Luckily, these fulfil both.1. Guinness wheelchair basketballYes, Guinness know how to get us at the best of times, but this heart-warming display of friendship is one we just didn’t see coming. Right along with that massive lump in our throat. Source: sneakerwatchtv/YouTube2. Three little wordsThis Three ad needs to be made into a feature-length movie, NOW. Spanning across the relationship of a couple who began with a simple question, just three little words, brings home the importance of those seemingly minor interactions we have every day. Source: threeireland/YouTube3. Dove’s Fathers Day adRemember all those times you needed your dad? All the times you called out for him? He always answered. This Dove ad gives kudos, and will call out for your FEELS. Source: dovemencareus/YouTube4. Thank you Mom, P&GOur mammies do everything for us, as perfectly illustrated in this ad that ran before the London Olympics.Oh, tears? No, our eyeballs are just sweating. Source: silverchair48/YouTube5. The bucket listThere’s a one in five chance a child won’t reach the age of five if they have no access to clean drinking water. 4-year-old Nkaitole from Kenya shouldn’t have to have a bucket list, but he does. WATERisLife helps him fulfil it before he reaches that faithful age, and now we need a bucket for our TEARS. Source: TheGiftOfWater/YouTube6. Robinson’s PalsDADS, what gives? Why do they make us so emotional? The big reveal on this one can be seen a mile away, but that doesn’t stop our hearts from melting into a puddle of mush. Source: Robinsons Drinks/YouTube7. Promart, The Perfect DaughterPeru DIY center, why you gotta do us like that? This dad sees his daughter has an issue to face, and by God he’s going to fashion a fix.Our hero. Source: Fahrenheit DDB/YouTube8. Pfizer GraffitiIt starts off dubiously, suspicious. The only thing we’re sure of is, from the moment that big brother stepped in the door, we had to do a little yawn to have something to blame the tears on. Source: Cyrus0933/YouTube9. Norway postHow do you charm a girl with dozens of empty boxes? Here’s how. Source: Posten/YouTube10. Love Them BackOld man. Check.Widower? Check.Little white terrier? Check?Floods of tears? CHECK. Source: Cesar UK/YouTube11. Google Glass, SeedsA guy travels back to India to surprise his mum, documenting the whole thing with Google Glass. It’s almost bearable right up to the end, then we’re hit with a drop kick right to the feels. Source: Google Glass/YouTube12. The silence of loveOf COURSE this would be on the list. Possibly the most snot-cry-inducing ad ever, conceived by a Thai Life Insurance company.Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Source: thailifechannel/YouTubeWhat ad makes you tear up? Let us know in the comments.last_img