first_imgSearch NowReady to compare hospitals?Make an informed decision for your care.What If My Hospital Does Poorly, Or Doesn’t Report At All? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Think about the last time you purchased a car or a major appliance. Did you do your homework? Did you compare features, warranties, costs?Now think about the last time you or a family member went to the hospital. You probably didn’t even know you might have a choice. And it’s unlikely that you compared services or quality, because few resources exist to help you choose the best care.Leapfrog is changing that. By publicly reporting critical safety and quality information, we can help you find the best care for you and your family. And by making transparency the norm in health care, we’re helping hospitals achieve the best care possible for their patients.Aren’t All Hospitals The Same?Up to 440,000 people die every year due to preventable medical errors.In short, no. In some hospitals, patient safety and high-quality are top priorities. Strong health care teams reduce infection rates, put checks in place to prevent mistakes, and ensure strong lines of communication between hospital staff, patients, and families. But some hospitals trail behind. In fact, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in this country, surpassing the number of deaths caused by car accidents, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS.That means that it’s critically important that you choose a hospital with a good track record on keeping its patients safe from harm. The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade rates hospitals on the very basics of medical care, such as handwashing, entering prescriptions through a computer, and the availability of qualified nurses. So no matter the reason for a hospital visit, patient safety should be your number one priority. Jump over to the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade to see how your community’s hospitals score on safety.What Else Is important To Know?Safety isn’t the whole picture. Leapfrog works with over 50 leading medical experts to identify safety, quality, and resource use measures that have a demonstrated impact on patient care. We then ask hospitals to report on those measures and showcase exactly what they’re doing to improve.If you or a family member needs surgery, see how your hospital compares on mortality rates of certain high-risk procedures.If you are pregnant, find out how your hospital does on maternity care metrics like C-sections and managing high-risk deliveries.If you’re concerned about a seriously-ill parent or family member, look at ICU staffing protocols and how the hospital prevents injuries and dangerous infections. CHOOSING THE RIGHT HOSIPITAL If you’re unhappy with your hospital’s performance, don’t be afraid to talk to hospital leadership. You can ask them what may have contributed to their rating and what they are doing to improve. You can also utilize the location tools on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade to find hospitals nearby that provide better care. You have the right to choose the best hospital for you and your family.Nearly half of hospitals nationwide reported to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. But there are still too many hospitals unwilling to provide patients and purchasers the information they need to make better health care decisions. If your local hospital does not report to the voluntary Leapfrog Hospital Survey, ask them why not.Never refuse care in an emergency because of the hospital’s grade on the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade or performance on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, but use the information as a guide for planned events and a research tool for potential emergencies.last_img read more

Hall of Heroes – a moving tribute to Bayonne veterans

first_imgTo the Editor:Congratulations to Matthew Piscopo for his vision and dedication to the Hall of Heroes Project, which honors the Veterans of Bayonne. It is a beautiful, visual testament to our brave veterans to have their pictures (in uniform) displayed on the walls of city hall for all to admire in perpetuity. We should all be grateful to the veterans of Bayonne for their sacrifice and service, and grateful to Matthew for bringing this wonderful memorial to life.My family was very happy to submit our father’s Army picture, and very proud to see it displayed in such a dignified memorial. I am sure he would be very proud too!Everyone should make the time to visit the Hall of Heroes at City Hall and enjoy this well-deserved tribute to the veterans of Bayonne. Kudos and thanks to our honored veterans and to Matthew too – We salute you! BARBARA KAYElast_img read more

How Bakers Can Reduce Saturated Fats in Cakes without Sacrificing Taste!

first_imgSynopsisThe Government of the United Kingdom recently issued guidelines to encourage consumers to reduce their intake of saturated fat and added sugar. Specific to the food industry, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consultation has set forth proposed recommendations for segments across the industry to reduce saturated fat and to increase the availability of healthier options and smaller portion sizes in savoury snacks. The Agency’s recommendations speak specifically to saturated fat levels in biscuits, cakes, pastries, buns, chocolate confectionery and soft drinks.These recommendations are the second of two consultations, proposing voluntary action to reduce saturated fat and calories in foods. Since first issuing recommendations in 2008, the Agency’s aim has been to help consumers reduce saturated fat in their diet and balance the amount of calories they consume with their needs. The FSA’s goal is to reduce diet-related cardiovascular diseases and decrease obesity rates to help people live healthier lives and reduce lifestyle-related healthcare costs. Download this free white paper now. Click the link below.last_img read more

Mr Kipling sales up 10% as own-label cakes fall a third

first_imgPremier Food’s Mr Kipling brand is continuing to grow following last year’s relaunch, with sales up 10% in the past quarter.The brand, which is to be expanded in the coming months with a premium range of Signature cakes, was also bolstered by further TV advertising.Cadbury cake sales grew over the quarter, with Premier saying the brand had benefited from the later timing of Easter compared to 2018 and improved seasonal ranges for the Easter period.However, the company’s own-label cakes business – which fell by 20% in the firm’s last financial year – has taken a further hit, with the decline accelerating to 37.2% as Premier exited lower-margin contracts.As a result, turnover from Premier’s Sweet Treats division was up 0.6% year on year, with total branded sales up 7.1% in the 13 weeks ended 29 June.In the first quarter of the year, Premier Food’s total sales rose 1.1% compared to the prior year, with branded sales up 2.9% and own-label down 8.3%International sales were down 18% and had been held back primarily due to slower sales in Ireland.“This was due to the unwinding of Brexit-related stock in Irish customers’ supply chains,” stated the company in its results. “The International business is, however, expected to return to sales growth in subsequent quarters.”Acting chief executive Alastair Murray described the results as an encouraging start to the year.“As we previously noted, we are increasing our consumer marketing investment this year and both Mr Kipling and Batchelors have already benefited from TV advertising campaigns in the first quarter,” he said.“Many of our largest brands have built on strong category positions and grown market share, and we achieved branded growth in the quarter of nearly 3%. These figures provide evidence that the company’s strategy is delivering results. Our expectations for the full year remain unchanged.”Premier is continuing its search for a chairman as Keith Hamill steps down today (17 July), as well as a chief executive following the departure of Gavin Darby in January.last_img read more

Turbo Suit Surprises Fans With Early Release Of Album That Was Recorded Live [Listen]

first_imgFormerly known as Cosby Sweater, funky livetronica act Turbo Suit released their new Back To Life EP yesterday. We anticipated the release at the end of the month, but were pleasantly surprised when the unexpected five-track funk-rocker came a few days early. The Indianapolis trio were clearly confident with their most recent work of art, and with good reason. Though it was through their good hearts that they decided to release the EP early.“We decided today that Easter was the best day to drop Back to Life. Complete coincidence it was called this but it just a made sense. It was supposed to be available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music on 3/31, but I thought just dropping it on people today would be fitting,” explains David Embry on yesterday’s release.Back to Life consists of all original music, including the opening title track “Back To Life,” for which they released a music video for last month. The track features the lovely vocals of Kelly Marie, who also appears on another track from the EP, “Unbound.” Carlos Seise also appears on the record, for a bass-heavy, synth-driving, track “Death Trap.” The funky numbers of “Bloom” and “Sex Journey” bring groovy balances to the spectrum of this genre-spanning collection of songs.The entire album takes a futuristic approach to their contemporary sound; neither electronic music nor dance music, Turbo Suit’s Back to Life is definitive of the direction their music is taking in 2016. Embry continues, “We recorded this entire album in between tour stops in Grand Haven Michigan. This album was different for us because we live recorded nearly every sound you hear. I would say only about 2% of the album was programmed in Ableton. This is a much different approach than any other album we have done.”So here’s your soundtrack for Monday, courtesy of Turbo Suit:Turbo Suit’s next stop is in Carbondale, as they make their rounds for their summer’s national tour. Visit their website for upcoming dates in a city near you.last_img read more

Panic On The Boardwalk: WSP Brings The Heat For Night One In Coney Island

first_imgAfter kicking off their Fall Tour with two nights in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, southern jam-rock titans Widespread Panic made their way to Coney Island, Brooklyn last night, September 9th, for their first of two shows at the brand new Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk.With the sweltering heat and humidity, and a crowd adorned in flip-flops, Croakies, Patagonia, and “Home Team” gear galore, this show felt like a southern party despite its Brooklyn beach locale.The venue was noticeably empty as the crowd waited in anticipation for the show to begin. Just over an hour after their scheduled 6:30 start time, the band hit the stage to booming applause, starting with “Hope In A Hopeless World” before diving into “Greta”, with Jimmy Herring showcasing his guitar chops early and assertively. The well-played though relatively short (64 min) first set saw Panic get their footing on the new terrain, running through “All Time Low”, “Wondering”, “Dyin’ Man”. The crowd sang along with John Bell‘s sultry vocals on Bloodkin‘s “Can’t Get High” before a  “Pleas”> “Love Tractor” pairing sent the show to halftime.The band wasted no time as they returned for set two, launching into a down-and-dirty “Machine” that segued into fan favorite “Barstools and Dreamers”. Instrumental jam “Party At Your Mama’s House” came next, providing the only semblance of a breather that this set had to offer. The “Space Wrangler” > “Hatfield” that followed had the crowd entranced, as bassist Dave Schools got a chance to stretch out a little and the effortlessly cool frontman JB brought “a little California voodoo” to the Brooklyn beach town. The “Surprise Valley” that came next saw both Jimmy Herring and  “Jo Jo” Herman shine, trading ripping guitar riffs and chunky funk keyboard grooves, before the band passed the baton to “Sunny” Ortiz and Duane Trucks for a captivating “Drums” segment that eventually made its way back to “Surprise Valley” to the delight of the audience. Finally, “Blue Indian” led into Panic’s popular optimist’s anthem “Ain’t Life Grand” to close out a stand-out second set.The two-song encore stretched nearly 15 minutes, with the sing-along “Trouble” leading into an all-out, full-band assault on “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues,” as beautiful Jeff Wood illustrations adorned the stage behind them.The audience was buzzing as they filed out of the venue onto the beach. After a fantastic night of sweaty, primal southern rock n’ roll on the boardwalk, excitement is high for Panic’s Coney Island finale tonight.high-energyEdit this setlist | More Widespread Panic setlistslast_img read more

Dell Technologies and Ververica: Analyzing Continuous Data Streams Across Industries

first_imgEvery single entity in the digital world, be it an end user or a sensor device, continuously produces activity updates. People leave traces of their activity when they shop online or use any other online application. Machines then report on actions and statuses. Capturing such traces and reports in the form of data streams enables software applications that  digitally reconstruct the history of these entities to allow queries against the data and actionable insights. The same is true for applications that represent these streams in different formats.To satisfy the demanding requirements of such applications, we developed the Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform (SDP). The solution ingests, stores and processes data continuously, mapping the software abstractions more naturally to those types of applications. The centerpiece of our SDP platform is the open source storage system called Pravega. While ingesting and storing are critical functions of any data pipeline, a streaming data solution needs a stream processor that can benefit from the features that Pravega offers. Pravega exposes streams as storage primitive, enabling applications to ingest and consume data in a stream form. Pravega streams accommodate an unbounded amount of data while being both elastic and consistent.Apache Flink, a unique framework in the space of data analytics, offers powerful functionality for processing both unbounded and bounded data sets. When used in conjunction with Pravega, Apache Flink can tail, or historically process, data using the same source, while providing end-to-end, exactly once semantics, and dynamically adapt to resource demands. The combination of Pravega and Apache Flink in the Streaming Data Platform raises the bar for stream processing platforms. It brings an unprecedented level of features that have long been needed to fulfill the requirements of existing and future applications.Figure 1: Data pipelines with Pravega and Flink in SDPThe FutureDell Technologies envisions a world in which data streams are ubiquitous and stream processing is the new norm for modern application development. Stream applications are already prevalent, but there’s a clear increase in demand and scale for systems that process stream data. We are excited about this future and the opportunity to build the systems that can help our customers’ applications process stream data efficiently and effectively.The combination of Pravega and Flink in the Streaming Data Platform to compose data pipelines already provides unique possibilities. The partnership between Dell Technologies and Ververica will further enable us to build features for data pipelines that will help organizations simplify storage needs, create a foundation of unified data and innovate using an endless array of applications. We look forward to working together to deliver streaming data technology that continues to provide meaningful outcomes for our customers.To learn more about Pravega and Flink, explore the two sessions from the Flink Forward Virtual Conference 2020 by visiting the Flink Forward YouTube Channel. There, you can see the keynote, “Stream analytics made real with Pravega and Apache Flink” with Srikanth Satya, VP of Engineering at Dell Technologies, and “Everything is connected: How watermarking, scaling, and exactly once impact one another in Pravega,” presented by myself, Flavio Junqueira, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies.last_img read more

48 Hours in Fayetteville, West Virginia

first_imgUsually, if you want to check an adrenaline-rushing, heart-pumping natural adventure off your bucket list, you have to travel to a place that doesn’t have much else to offer except that specific excursion. But what if I told you there is a town where you don’t have to sacrifice one thrill for another; a town with some of the best mountain biking trails, diverse miles of rock climbing, class V whitewater expeditions, hiking, zip lining, and even base jumping? Located toward the southern part of West Virginia, the small town of Fayetteville is making a big mark on the outdoor lover’s map. Use our guide to plan your perfect stay in one of the coolest towns in America.Day One:Experience the Beautiful New RiverFayette County is lucky in that two large rivers flowing through town with rapids of all different classes. The high volume, lower section of the New River provides a spectacular opportunity for whitewater adventure. It is anywhere from four to six hours (depending on the water level) of nonstop excitement as you raft through enormous waves, shelf drops, and class IV rapids.If that’s not your cup of tea then grab a crash pad and boulder in the New River Dries. The multitude of problems and unique formations make this section a favorite for beginners and expert climbers. For ideas of where to climb on the New River or for a wide range of quality climbing gear, stop in at Waterstone Outdoors and talk to their knowledgeable staff of experienced climbers and outdoor lovers.GrandviewRimTrailNRG2Photo by Jess DaddioSee Why The Gauley is World Class WhitewaterIf you’re in town in the fall and want to experience one of the top rivers in the world, try your luck rafting the Upper Gauley River. This is not for the inexperienced. Its constant class IV and V rapids are paired with technical maneuvering and tight squeezes. Drop over 335 feet in a little over 12 miles and see why the Upper Gauley is one of the top whitewater sections in the nation. Also in the fall when water is being released into the Gauley, the lower section provides a slightly less intimidating choice for eager rafters. The 17-mile stretch comes accompanied with astounding scenery, relaxing pools, and gut wrenching class III-IV rapids. Book your trip on one of these amazing sections with Adventures on the Gorge, ACE Adventure Resort, West Virginia Adventures, or many others!NewRiverGorgePhoto by Jess DaddioFor a More Tame Water Experience…In the beginning of the 20th century, a rock-fill dam on the Gauley River was flooded to create West Virginia’s largest lake, Summersville Lake. Encapsulating the clean and clear freshwater lake are miles of sandstone cliffs perfect for rock climbing, along with quiet coves that make it easy to see why this lake is so special. Popular activities on the lake include excellent fishing, swimming at the public beach, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Adventures on the Gorge even offers stand up paddleboard instruction right on the lake tailored to your needs and experience. They also offer paddleboard and kayak rentals as well as guided climbing.Photo by Jess DaddioPhoto By Jess DaddioDay Two:Bike the Arrowhead TrailsThe Arrowhead Trails offers mountain bikers 12.8 miles of singletrack, stacked loop riding. These four well-maintained, flowing trails range from the easier and beginner welcoming Clovis Trail and Adena Trail to the intermediate LeCroy Trail and Dalton Trail built for experienced mountain bikers. Enjoy rolling hills with tremendous flow, exciting turns, and obstacles such as rocky sections, tight switchbacks, and a rock bridge leading over a small drainage. Thanks to the hard work and many hours put into construction and maintenance, the trail provides great maps and excellent markings that will have you coming back for more. For bike repairs and parts, rentals, or guided tours, head to New River Bikes and let their friendly staff assist you.Hike the Kaymoor Miners Trail and See a Part of HistoryThe Kaymoor Miners Trail provides hikers with a short but strenuous one mile hike with unparalleled views and old structures of a historic mine site. The hike descends from the top of the New River Gorge and provides a magnificent view of the gorge just a short ways down from the trailhead. Once you reach the mine site, you will be greeted by the 821 stairs that carry you down to see what is left of one of the largest coal processing plants in the gorge. You’ll be fascinated at the mine openings, remnants of old coal cars and buildings, and signs to take you back in time over 100 years ago to when the plant was booming with coal.Get a Grip on Rock ClimbingHave you always had an itch to learn how to climb or to take the next step in becoming a better rock climber? New River Mountain Guides provide private instruction that is sure to enhance your abilities. They will take you to their favorite spots in the region and share their passion for climbing with you. See the New River and surrounding areas from a unique angle that unleashes even more beauty than you thought possible. Also offered are kids’ rock climbing summer camps, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification courses, and yoga retreats.ClimbingNewRiverGorgePhoto By Jess DaddioFood:Pies and Pints Pizzeria– Featured on the Cooking Channel and Food Network, Pies and Pints offers uniquely crafted pizzas and only the best handcrafted beers, a match made in heaven.Cathedral Café– This eccentric old church is where all the locals go for the best coffee, handmade pastries and desserts, and breakfasts.Secret Sandwich Society– The secret is out. Look no further than this small gourmet sandwich shop for a mouthwatering meal made from fresh ingredients.11392912_860963213939058_1335536886750861211_nPhoto Courtesy of the Secret Sandwich SocietyGumbo’s Cajun Restaurant– Head to downtown Fayetteville for a mix of Cajun, American, and Creole for dinner. With an effort to use only the freshest ingredients, they source as much local produce and meats as possible.Nightlife:Studio B Gallery & Gifts– If you’re looking to pick up a bottle of fine wine or six pack of craft beer to go along with your campfire under the stars, stop in Studio B for a diverse selection. Grab a souvenir of Bridge Brew, Fayetteville’s small craft brewery ran by only two hard workers making sure each beer is crafted to perfection.Smokey’s On The Gorge– Smokey’s is the best mix of superb, quality food, casual dining, and breath taking views of the New River Gorge. What better way to enjoy a glass of wine than sitting outside watching the sunset bask in all its glory over the tranquil river and echoing mountains?Charlie’s Pub– With over 75 craft beers and 160 liquor choices, unbelievable happy hour prices, and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, it’s no surprise this is the bar of choice for all the locals.Lodging:American Alpine Club Campground– Located within walking distance of the New River Gorge, this newer, well-kept campground is only $5 per night for AAC members!Adventures on the Gorge– The perfect place to stay after a day spent on one of their many guided adventures. Adventures on the Gorge lodging rentals include something for every type of camper with simple and small cabins, deluxe four bedroom cabins, wooded camping, or field camping.Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.02.02 PMPhoto Courtesy of Adventures on the GorgeACE Adventure Resort– Located on a lake in Minden, West Virginia not far from the New River, ACE offers fantastic dining, a plethora of outdoor activities, and plenty of lodging. Choose from spacey cabins with hot tubs, RV camping, or old fashioned tent camping.Upcoming Events:Gauley Fest– This four day whitewater festival gathers river rats from far and near to boast their boating abilities, swap gear, dance to some funky live music, and meet other passionate nature lovers. All proceeds from the event go to American Whitewater’s river conservation. September 17th-20th Summersville, West VirginiaUpperGauley_SweetsFalls_kayakPOVCraggin’ Classic is a weekend long celebration of the area’s premiere climbing destination. Climbing is only a dent in the list of activities and excursions: Live music, ping-pong tournament, trail work, film screening of “Metanoia”, clinics, gear demos, and much more.New River Gorge SUP Race– SUP athletes battle it out on the upstream attainment race or downriver whitewater race with up to class IV rapids. Watch the only paddleboard competition in the state and stay for free demos, instruction, and a raging celebration at the after party. September 20th Lansing, West Virginia.NewRiverGorgeSUP.jpg5Bridge Day gathers over 50,000 spectators whose jaws are sure to drop as the hundreds of base jumpers take a leap of faith on the 876’ New River Gorge Bridge. This event is one of the largest extreme sports events in the world on the second longest single arch bridge. October 17th Fayette County, West VirginiaNative Knowledge:“Fayetteville is located on the border of a national park. You can ride right from downtown and be in the woods in less than 5 minutes. There’s plenty of lodging, trails, food, and other activities. Picking a favorite biking trail is hard. I like to think of it more as a loop. In town to Arrowhead and back is super fun. Leave town via Fayetteville trail to Kaymoor Top and Arrowhead, ride the Arrowhead system, and return via Timber Ridge. So many folks drive to the Arrowhead trailhead and miss two amazing downhills!” – Andrew Forron, Owner of New River Bikeslast_img read more

Panamanian forces destroy FARC camps in border region

first_img BOGOTÁ, Colombia – Panamanian security forces destroyed two camps belonging to the 57th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in a border region with Colombia, Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón and his Panamanian counterpart, José Raúl Mulino, confirmed at a joint news conference March 28. Colombian authorities provided intelligence support for the operation, Mulino said. The camps, located in the Panamanian side of the border, could accommodate up to 32 guerrillas. Mulino was in Bogotá to sign an agreement that will allow Colombian authorities to provide intelligence to support air interdictions in Panamanian airspace. The ministers also agreed to reinforce their joint strategy against drug trafficking. At their meeting, the ministers agreed “to strengthen bilateral coordination in intelligence exchange by connecting the two nations’ databases to improve the fight against criminal organizations [on] both sides of the border.” “We have to incorporate, in all of our strategies, those marginal towns on the border to insert them in the productive life of our nations, thus neutralizing any impulse to collaborate with terrorist groups and drug traffickers,” Mulino said. [AFP, 28/03/2012; (Colombia), 28/03/2012] By Dialogo March 29, 2012last_img read more

Transgender Suicides: What to Do About Them

first_imgPublic Discourse 27 July 2017Family First Comment: Excellent commentary…. “I have personally experienced gender dysphoria, and I explored transition in my early twenties. I am aware of the emotional struggle, but I am also aware of the empowering realization that I alone control how I perceive the world….…We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person. Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them. The current method of addressing this concern is only making matters worse. Treatment needs to address the core problem.”I have personally experienced gender dysphoria, and I explored transition in my early twenties. I am aware of the emotional struggle, but I am also aware of the empowering realization that I alone control how I perceive the world.….In a recent discussion on Twitter, Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), pardoned by President Obama after being convicted of espionage, argued that transgender “treatment” is necessary for the health of trans individuals, “because,” Chelsea stated, “not getting medical attention for trans people is fatal.”……. The argument can be summarized as follows. Without medical treatment (expensive surgery and lifelong hormone therapy), social acceptance, correct pronoun use, and open bathroom access, trans people will never be comfortable in their bodies or in society. Consequently, they are at a high risk for suicide, and it’s an injustice not to make these “treatments” available; the crime of killingtrans people can even be laid at the feet of those who do not take these steps. This argument, made by Manning, Ford, and so many others, is supposed to halt any criticism—or even querying—of gender theory, but it raises more questions than it answers.If It Needs Treatment, Isn’t It an Illness?Further, if transgenderism requires medical treatment, how can it form the basis of anyone’s identity? Trans people and their allies have, of course, insisted with great indignation that their condition is not an illness, but it is hard to see how this conclusion is to be avoided, if it’s insisted that it must be treated or else will be fatal. Illnesses that require treatment do not constitute anyone’s identity. Being HIV-positive requires medical treatment. I do not identify as HIV-positive as though it made me an entirely new kind of person. It is a condition I need to treat in order to live and be healthy. How is being trans any different?We Need a Real CureSome trans advocates would presumably reply that sex should change rather than gender because sex can change, whereas attempts to change one’s gender usually end badly, but this response is unnecessarily pessimistic.I have personally experienced gender dysphoria, and I explored transition in my early twenties. I am aware of the emotional struggle, and I am sympathetic to the sense of frustration and hopelessness. But I am also aware of the empowering realization that I alone control how I perceive the world. Even if I would prefer to be female, I understand that my body is male, and therefore the most effective and healthiest plan of action is to align my sense of gender to that unchangeable state. I have largely been successful, as I feel fully integrated today and am not only comfortable in my male body but find myself enjoying the pursuit of masculine physical progress.An uncomfortable truth is that many surveys, including a 2011 Swedish study, indicate that suicide rates remain high after sex-reassignment surgery (the Swedish study reports that people who have had sex-reassignment surgery are 19 times more likely to die by suicide than is the general population); and the National Center for Transgender Equality reported in 2015 that 40% of people who identify as transgender have attempted suicide. The LGBT community actively fights such studies and suppresses the voices of people who, like myself, have chosen natural alignment or who regret transitioning. The medical community is currently uninterested in recognizing the inherent dangers and long-term impact of transition therapy and is equally unwilling to pursue study that may result in finding a cure or a resolution to the underlying issue. To suggest this is a medical issue needing to be cured is to be accused of proposing genocide.But medical issues do need to be cured. If gender dysphoria is indeed naturally fatal without treatment, the only ethical solution is to find a cure that exposes the body to the least amount of risk. Obviously, this would be to correct the biological problem and/or address the psychological distress behind the dysphoria itself.The LGBT movement has built a civilization around the validation of being “who you are” despite all efforts of judgment or persecution. Trans individuals often tell me they are now their “true gender.” Advocates like Zack Ford and others routinely demand that extreme social bigotry prevents the trans individual from living a full and happy life. But in the center of this storm of indignation and boasting of perseverance is the steady and quiet realization that these people are extremely insecure.We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person. Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them. The current method of addressing this concern is only making matters worse. Treatment needs to address the core problem.READ MORE: read more