Cut the hand of the party who network history begins here prodigal

Tmall double eleven day trading volume of 91 billion 200 million yuan, the United States Black $five net purchases of $2 billion 720 million, the United Kingdom is $1 billion 100 million…… If there is a common interest in the world, online shopping is certainly one of them.

before reaching this let us pain and pleasure chop hand realm, but electronic trading has come a long way. But in the end who is the first person to buy electronic transactions he bought what is the E – commerce company Shopify recently launched a short film, trying to trace the first single e-commerce transactions. read more

To profit cybersquatting geosun Net domain name was convicted of cancellation

computer network domain name registration to apply the principle of the first application, that is, who first apply for registration. However, if the purpose of the registration is malicious, then the first step is to facilitate the registration of successful registration will eventually be attributed to futility. "Market leader" was informed that the day before, in Quzhou city intermediate court together with the network domain name infringement case, a registered domain name is sentenced due to malicious cancellation. Since the defendant filed an appeal, the case has entered the second instance procedure. read more

Modify the code to increase the number of the first video display

first said my website. Computer knowledge network this site is the main source of traffic flow is the main source of Baidu Baidu computer knowledge and its extension of the long tail word. As for other sometimes due to the high ranking of the flow, those are unstable, not included.

my first video now only on the home page. The original in content pages have been found, but not as Ali mother or Google, removed.

my site should be about 500 home traffic. But the first video shows only about 100. I asked about the first video of customer service, he said it was necessary to show more than 30 seconds to be an effective display. R and then I read the next page of the code (my site is done with Dede), found that almost all of the connections are directly click into the home. This may be the case. read more

Amazon officially completed the world’s first UAV delivery 13 minutes

today, Amazon officially announced that it has officially completed the world’s first UAV delivery, and will be officially launched UAV delivery service.

Amazon CEO Geoff · today, confirmed the news on Twitter:

first Amazon UAV delivery has been officially recorded in history. This service is becoming Amazon Prime Air, will be part of the Amazon service delivery day. Delivery process, (staff) only click on the delivery, with 13 minutes, the goods are sent to the user’s home through the uav. read more

The use of popular keywords zero cost to make money quickly

mentioned on the network to make money, there will be a friend of the site will naturally think of improving the site rankings, access to traffic, and thus rely on site advertising to get revenue. Yes, this is indeed one of the most typical Wangzhuan way. But for small owners, in order to achieve good results easier said than done through a search engine, it is a time-consuming and laborious work. And when we finally made the site, the Internet may have a new situation.

so, I think, in order to make money on the Internet, not only to do this way. Below I will share their experience of zero cost money. read more

Talk about the registration of the domain name a few tips

does not write the preface, do not talk nonsense, we look at the example directly. With the example of talking, after watching their own to think. Think about.

1: I do not have to check is not already registered, I did not go to check the is not already registered, I did not go to is not already registered, because I know it must have been registered. If you don’t believe me, you have to check. If you haven’t registered yet, Congratulations, you’re rich. read more

Zhongshan an enterprise name registered domain name was sentenced to infringement compensation 20 th

      a fishing company in Zhejiang, on the Internet to enter the name of their company, it is displayed in a company’s Web site in Zhongshan. Reporter yesterday from the Zhongshan City Intermediate People’s court learned, because was identified as a trademark infringement, Zhongshan company to pay 20 thousand yuan for the registered domain name.

      Zhoushan Fisheries Company is a large aquatic products processing enterprises, has been using a "Pearl" trademark, the trademark has also been identified in Zhejiang Province Administration of industry and commerce, the registered trademark of Zhoushan fishery company is a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, valid for 3 years. At the end of last year, the Zhoushan fisheries company found far power company (a pseudonym) registered "WWW. Pearl.Net" Chinese domain name on the Internet, and the use of registered trademark and logo of Zhoushan fishery company of the same in the pages of foreign e-commerce and trade. read more

How to do maternal and child market authority B2B business platform

with the foot step in the maternal and child market prospects of clear, such as maternal and child supplies company to grow up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and a maternal and child class website also crazy started the whole network congestion, indeed, since the founding of the fourth wave of baby boomers coming. Accompanied by the arrival of the baby boom, is a huge economic cycle fluctuations in maternal and child consumption market, providing a blue ocean for the mother and child website entrepreneurs. In the end what kind of business model can be shared in this part of the cake it? read more

Jingdong involved in the field of maintenance users can not go out to repair the phone


technology news October 16th afternoon news, Jingdong announced a joint more than and 40 home computer, mobile phone manufacturers launched the "customer service home" plan, consumers in the Jingdong to buy computer, mobile phone products, is expected to achieve no need to go out, without detection, warranty free customer service service.

specifically, the user submitted by the network or telephone service requirements application, Jingdong will provide free home delivery service within the scope of the phone warranty. It is understood that the Jingdong has received 40 mobile phone manufacturers ZTE, SONY, cool, Lenovo and other Nubian, customer service service authorization. read more

On line less than 3 years into the mother and baby Unicorn honey bud do right

The latest

CEO honey bud Liu Nan often update honey bud in the circle of friends in July this year, honey bud invited more than 10 industry "Red Net Weiyu" at the Shanghai International Exhibition on maternal and child, finished the day 3 days of uninterrupted live, is also the first to get involved in the enterprise live baby industry.

cross-border maternal experienced in 2014 of germination, 2015’s explosive reshuffle, 2016 entered the final stage, "set up" industry pattern settles early valuation TOP300 2016 Unicorn enterprises announced in the honey bud iResearch, to the whole industry fifty-ninth valuation, ranking top baby industry. read more