Analysis Groupon Tencent cooperation base Tencent is its shareholders

Groupon through Tencent in China

January 17th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said, Groupon is working with Tencent to establish a partnership to accelerate its expansion in key Asian markets.

terms of trade are unknown, but are said to be involved in a joint venture. For Groupon, this is an important strategy to enter the Chinese market.

Groupon into the offshore market is usually the acquisition of the largest local group purchase website, and renamed Groupon, such as the acquisition of uBuyiBuy in December, Beeconomic, Atlaspost, Groupon, Groupon were named as Hongkong Singapore and Taiwan Groupon. read more

Biography Alibaba intends to B2B company intends to buy back YAHOO stake

Beijing time on February 10th, according to Reuters, two people familiar with the situation, Alibaba group plans to be listed on the Hongkong Alibaba B2B privatization.

informed sources, according to the trading plan, Alibaba group will use the proceeds of the loan and its own cash, as well as some of the assets, repurchase YAHOO held 40% of its shares.

due to wait for the parent company to release significant news, Alibaba B2B company on Thursday at the HKEx suspension.

YAHOO Holdings Alibaba shares valued at $14 billion, according to the current discussion of the plan, the Alibaba will repurchase 25% of the shares, the company plans to use the operating assets of a shares to pay 1/3 repurchase funds paid in cash, the rest. read more

Taobao DC or the seller will be forced into the The whole army was wiped out help you platform

I opened a small shop in Taobao (, selling some of the domain name space server and other IDC products. Recently wanted to release a new product, but Taobao should prompt me to help you in the platform, I hand cheap, to suggest a way to next, I can help you successfully join the platform, join immediately after aware of your rather baffling shangliaozeichuan.

Taobao I help you platform which day is not very clear, it should be the last two months. Someone called the domain name on the Internet is very good to remember, I rely on Taobao. A simple look at this platform, I rely on, this is not the Witkey platform? Pig, pig, do you feel dangerous? read more

Household electrical appliance enterprises get together nternet profit model problem to be solved

standing typhoon mouth fly! Now, companies are scrambling to Internet appliances "typhoon" run.

March 17th, the United States and Alibaba held a strategic cooperation conference in Hangzhou, the use of the United States and the United States and the United States cloud technology intelligent air conditioning officially unveiled. On the same day, Haier released in Shanghai, the world’s first intelligent life operating system, Haier said through the system, the user just 12 seconds to achieve interoperability with all smart home terminal interoperability. read more

Amoy webmasters were provided free of charge station Taobao group management system

after a month of online adjustment, Taobao group management system in Amoy passenger station ( (hereinafter called Amoy rat) officially released


(guest in official demo screenshot)

for our grassroots webmaster, flow is our fundamental, make money is the last word! And choose a good program will make our webmaster more handy!

with the development of the Internet, Taobao also launched several relatively off procedures, such as: Taobao, Amoy Dongdong guest, guest, fashion a dark Empire, Amoy bubble and so on! The market moving degree is fierce, each program is a function and unique view of read more

The music business to accelerate the terminal layout push super partner counterattack line

music is trying to expand their territory, this time the target is the next line store. August 12th, LETV TV launched LePar super partner program, which uses the "O2O+C2B+ chip" mode of cooperation, the use of music as ecological resources, the establishment of online music as TV store experience, Pathfinder O2O.

it is worth noting that in August 8th LETV announced plans to refinance 4 billion 500 million yuan to extend the chain of funds, one of the announcements to LETV through financing will be developed into the largest platform company intelligent terminal industry. In other words, one of the strategies to accelerate the pace of the end of the line to build the store or music. read more

T orange founder a start up company from 0 to 1 sentiment

This is the

in the seven km above the altitude of Guangzhou to Beijing on the plane, Haichun should be invited to share "IT orange and everyone" ( 2013 sentiment: This is a start-up company from 0 to 1 in the course of course, is a small team of 4 people working hard, is a for the ideal road again, tired and happy of course, um, is a female entrepreneurial story.

why do you want to restart

a lot of venture capital circle of friends, I know from the beginning of the, which was previously in the grand innovation hospital internal business projects, I do the first project after the switch from the media, also hope to take out as a separate company and entrepreneurial projects, but in the end because the negotiation is not too smooth, and I quit leave 17Startup, need to hit the road again. read more

How to find a good sales network business

1: opening

the development of society, the fierce competition, the improvement of intelligence, to achieve the rule of trade: what can I bring to each other!

two: work goal:

looking for Taobao shop to sell the original ecological activated carbon, the total sales of

as a sales staff must first understand their own products selling point: the original ecological high iodine value of coconut shell activated carbon adsorption potent indoor harmful substances, but also the family a healthy and clean environment. It determines the effectiveness of its market: the owner of the house decoration, focusing on the environment of the family. read more

Taobao brush Gang fraud has been arrested

NetEase technology news, January 6th news. At 22:26 this evening, Yuhang public security released micro-blog said: this afternoon, Yuhang police arrested 5 suspects in a district in Guangzhou, led by Zhang Yingtao. The 5 people suspected of "brush" first commit fraud, the large number of victims. Recently, the suspects will be escorted back to Hangzhou further review.

according to reports, this gang is the NetEase Technology issued in December 19, 2014, Taobao brush single thousand people cheated, involving millions of dollars in a text referred to the fraud suspects team. At that time, after receiving the news broke, NetEase technology reporter quickly launched an investigation, interview, and the first time reported the matter, causing the attention of Taobao and the police. In the process of obtaining evidence in the case, NetEase technology has also been actively assisted. read more

Wangzhuan need ideas and skills need more execution

is reading this post margin, especially the novice friends may wish to look at it. Many novice make friends, do not know where to start making money online, so that in the Internet for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan company, how should do? How to make money? Always want to suddenly find Wangzhuan.

whether novice or veteran have unique ideas of many thoughts and some personal in Wangzhuan, but to truly practice the ideas and thinking of how many people? In fact is the lack of an ability to act, referred to as the "executive force". How to make money every day, how to make money, but it is not to implement, the final result is a rich imagination and pockets of money or no change. read more