Al Thani and his parallel world: “Okazaki will be with us next year”

first_imgAbdullah Al Thani continues in his absurd world of levitation and mysticism through social networks, how could it be otherwise?. The horrifying president / tweeter, ceased from his duties in Malaga as manager of the club, went back to using his beloved Twitter in depth to specifically address La Opinión de Málaga, regarding an article in this Malaga newspaper about the options of that Okazaki could debut in La Rosaleda, in this case, as a Huesca footballer. The sheihk, as usual, kicked off. “Before this story, you should ask the sports director and the lawyer who negotiated with the agent and also did the same with José Rodríguez.” (The insufferable sheik’s shiver goes to José Luis Pérez Caminero and Joaquín Jofre, who were later dismissed). He also said that “Okazaki will return next year”Al Thani wrote: “Anyway Okazaki will be with us next year.” And it stayed so panchor. As it is known, the sheikh has been terminated from his functions for a period of six months in which the club is judicially administered by José María Muñoz. A period extendable by the judge. Al Thani seems unlikely to get a hand in transfer planning, As it will be remembered Okazaki was one of the four players who were left without a chip due to the absurd management of the dismal sheikh. The other three were José Rodríguez, Álex Mula and Iván Rodríguez because the salary limit was exceededor by far. He also fired Simón Moreno after his arrival in Málaga. This player has the ‘honor’ of being fired by two sheikhs in less than a month: Al Thani and Almería. Of course, he signed on his own (or that of his eventual advisers) the Algerian Benkhemassa, who is not curdling and the Spanish-Swiss Lorenzo González who is no longer.last_img read more

[BGL Ligue] Pétange s’empare du fauteuil de leader

first_imgChampionnat relancéCette joie locale sera de courte durée, car après une grossière erreur d’Amodio, Pétange va reprendre la main par le rentrant Fatou, déjà buteur en semaine contre le F91 après être sorti du banc. Ce but marque la fin de tout espoir du FCD03, car quelques minutes plus tard, Abreu va achever les locaux d’une frappe magistrale qui laisse le portier de marbre.La joie est énorme, surtout lorsque Fangueiro apprend que le Progrès a perdu contre le Fola (2-0). Pétange continue sur sa belle lancée et le championnat est complètement relancé. Vivement la suite !De notre correspondant Jessy Ferreira Fiche technique FCD03 – Titus Pétange 2-3 (0-0)Stade municipal de Differdange. Pelouse correcte.Arbitrage de Civovic assisté de MM. Da Tondt et Ludovicy. 827 spectateurs.Évolution du score : 0-1 Diouf (61e), 1-1 Deruffe (67e), 1-2 Fatou (70e), 1-3 Abreu (78e), 2-3 Avdusinovic (90+3e). Cartons jaunes : Franzoni (35e), Leite (48e), Buch (81e), Deruffe (82e) pour Differdange. Kettenmeyer (18e) à Pétange.DIFFERDANGE : Amodio, Franzoni (85e Ferreira), Denai, Vandenbroeck, Osmanovic, Janisch, Deruffe, Leite (65e Gulluni), Kalonji (79e Vujinovic), Avdusinovic, Buch.PETANGE : Palha, Hamzaoui, Hauguel, Diouf, Held (46e Schneider), Kabore, Kakoko, Kettenmeyer (65e Fatou), Teixeira (87e Bijelic), Mokrani, Abreu. (7e journée) Costaud sur la pelouse de Differdange, l’étonnant Titus, qui avait battu le F91 en match en retard pendant la semaine, a pris les commandes de la DN.Une victoire amplement méritée vu la performance. Dès la première minute, les Pétangeois ont pris le jeu à leur compte. Malgré une domination totale en première mi-temps, le ballon ne voulait pas rentrer. Ils ont bien essayé, mais Amodio, le portier differdangeois, était attentif.Ce n’était qu’une question temps, car en deuxième période les hommes de Fangueiro ont réussi à trouver la brèche. Il faut dire qu’ils ont redoublé d’efforts pour pousser les Differdangeois à la faute. Et c’est sur coup pied arrêté qu’ils prennent les devants. On croit que le plus dur est fait, mais les Differdangeois vont avoir un sursaut d’orgueil lorsque Deruffe égalise pour les siens. Classement après la 7e journée Partagerlast_img read more

Oral Tracey | Another yes-man needed

first_img BREACH OF PROTOCOL On the face of it, Simmons did breach protocol when he revealed details of sensitive and confidential selection protocol, and it is reasonable to assume that those actions would compromise the trust between the coach and the board. All things considered, however, Simmons’ biggest sin for which he paid the ultimate professional price was basically to demand that his best players be made available for selection. That is, indeed, a noble and professional cause and a battle worth fighting. Simmons had no agenda or self-serving motives, but to get what he deemed the best players representing the West Indies. This current meltdown had its genesis in that now infamous ill-fated tour of India, and the subsequent showdown between the West Indies board and some of the “rogue players” entangled in that saga. There has been what seems a covert yet systematic weeding out of these ‘rogue players’ and Simmons with all his good intentions got caught in the crossfire when he began questioning the absence of who he thought were players, who were key to the team’s success. The board’s agenda of getting even obviously supersedes any noble or professional intent that Simmons might have had to rebuild West Indies cricket, in this scenario there could only be only one winner and that is the WICB. The sacrifice made by Simmons should not be ignored. It is up to the various stakeholders of the regional game to call a spade a spade, and do what is within our powers to salvage this great institution of West Indies cricket. The sacking of Phil Simmons as head coach of the regional cricket team is the dramatic climax of the latest episode of the now comedic drama once known as West Indies cricket. The disingenuous cliche posited as the reasons for Simmons dismissal points to differences in ‘culture and strategic approach’. Typical and predictable ‘hogwash’ meant to disguise the real reasons for Simmons’ departure. It is the best known secret that Phil Simmons was sacked because he spoke out of turn, and was not a willing ‘YES-MAN’ to the whims and fancies of the egotistical leadership of the West Indies Cricket Board. The team’s poor returns in Test cricket, having lost seven, drawn four, and boasting just one win in the 12 Test matches played since the burly Trinidadian took charge a year and half ago is also seen by some, as an indictment on the effectiveness of Simmons’ tenure. More disingenuous desperation, as the complexity of the myriad of problems crippling Test cricket in the region has rendered significant improvement impossible no matter, who the coach is, was, and will be in the future. UNFAIR CRITICISMS WICB president Dave Cameron and this current board have come under some unfair and overblown criticisms but the heat they are getting for the sacking of Simmons is fully justified. The intentions and actions of Simmons were targeting the betterment of West Indies cricket, his sacking was more about the preservation of status and the enhancement of individual egos. As the search begins for another “YES-MAN” to guide the West Indies team, we might be yet to see the full benefits of the short stint of Simmons. History might well capture his tenure as a short, but very important fight for a just cause. In the words of the American war General George S. Patton Jr. “It is better to fight for something than live for nothing.”last_img read more