Objectively the advantages and disadvantages of station group strategy



compared to the owners, can do station group at present is still a few, because stations need to invest the money and energy is very great. Stations need to buy a lot of space, domain name, in order not to be concentrated on the search engine, also need to use a different IP, which requires special purchase VPS. In addition to search engine links in IP between, will also consider the similarity of web content. A station group requires each site to install a separate web program, and website maintenance, domain name, filing and other issues will be around you. Station group content sources must be collected, and the end of June, fell in love with the sea. read more

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On the increase of website content included promotion content ranking problem

page of the weight factors also affect the content of the page ranking key, generally the higher the weight of the site, the site’s ranking will be better, so the content page ranking will be better. Thus when the weight of a web site is relatively small, even if their release is the original content, even if it is to be made, it is difficult to schedule a good ranking, and those with a low weight website, the content page is original, once those high weight website reproduced in the past, it included and give love Shanghai high ranking or those reproduced high weight website, although the love of Shanghai’s original spark program has a certain improvement, but the computer algorithm clearly but the brain’s cheating, so there are still some original high weight site theft problem. read more

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How to use love Shanghai quiz platform simple and quick to dig the long tail keywords

is not difficult for us to find love Shanghai know and love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know more tend to get traffic through the long tail keywords. For example, SKF bearing the word, as long as we love Shanghai know in search of the keywords, will find a lot of question and answer questions are long tail keywords we need, as shown below, the answer can become the title we grab a long tail keywords Easy Access good.

two: grab


, with the help of love Shanghai know the search drop-down box read more

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love Shanghai’s website weight increased

and the second is the site in the first half of this time, I was almost every day to write original articles to update the site, adhere to the external in some sites above the chain every day, which I feel is one of the main reasons for the love of Shanghai website weight judgment, although sometimes the morning sometimes in the afternoon update, update, update time is a little time (because I work in three shifts) but in general I every day to update the site, so that the search engine is absolutely friendly, if a website for a long time did not update or update not the words, so every time the spider visit to your site and found no fresh for a long time, it is very unfriendly, because that is the case in his eyes, it will think you are a very good webmaster, slowly it will also give you the net Stand down the right to decline in ranking. read more

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Wang Xing readme thousands of groups from my group to entrepreneurship is a close call Adsense hits


in addition, today’s group buying industry has been divorced from the definition of "buy up" industry in 2010. Many group buying websites define themselves as the e-business of local life service. This change is called "buy back", and there is also a saying that this is the most traditional O2O.

this year, Wang is continuous business tenth years, in the experience is not too successful inside the school and rice after no, the United States group let Wang realize his value. But in Wang’s view, the United States Mission network is being re established. read more

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Lower your head and listen 8 million dollar children entrepreneurs teach you how to succeedMy Taob

eight children introduced below have earned millions of net worth, and see what their entrepreneurial path can bring you enlightenment.

Keywords: Amoy source

nowadays, as a millionaire, there is no age limit. Many teenagers have already created a lot of money before they get the vote. They are bosses, inventors, and entrepreneurs of small companies. I started my business as I was about 11 years old – running a candy stand and then expanding to four, but my experience was nothing compared to these kids, read more

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How to use the foreign trade site news event for high flow in the noble baby and Bing

as a main nobility baby and Bing optimization foreign trade site how we prepare and participate in, through the news to get more traffic? The author from the 5 points to share their views.

can be found in our noble baby and Bing in the major news events in SERP content are very different. We found that the authority of the noble baby information will be more inclined to give priority to news sources, a good ranking is usually some authoritative media, such as time magazine and so on. In contrast, Bing will have more news, more information can be derived from twitter or MSN. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website to promote mobile Mobile optimization practical guide lec

love for Shanghai, not much difference between the mobile site quality and PC, but still has its particularity.

from the technical side, the site opened faster than PC more stringent requirements, 3 seconds to become the critical point; in the site language, love Shanghai suggested that the site selection of HTML5; and responsive site for the webmaster has been tangled love, Shanghai also made efforts to support this type is technically, please go do.

love Shanghai mobile search in the discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of the important content of each link. That is the most important link of the website how to submit the matching relation, how to correct mistakes included; links published for the first time love Shanghai mobile web crawling construction flow chart, and tell the webmaster how to make love Shanghai accurate identification of PC pages and mobile page, including the response type site solution how to love friendly in Shanghai; webmaster most sorting links concern, training focuses on the existing mobile search results, and the factors affecting mobile sort, including regional, speed, PC stations; optimization from the actual experience of answers to common questions in the optimization of the site, the webmaster guide out of misunderstanding. read more

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Mining video website Shanghai Longfeng promotion way

in new start, choose the long tail word promotion is slightly easier to work. Video station has its own particularity, in the choice of when there are certain skills. First of all, the film is the timeliness of each movie search index is always changing, and the film just when the index is very attractive. If you have enough weight, the film name for the theme of the content there will be a natural ranking. But most stations in an accumulation period, the weight is not enough, but to fight domestic tycoon, to choose the words to promote long-term stability. For example, "the long tail word the latest movie" expansion, and most of the webmaster is doing. Long term accumulation, site flow is the key. Accumulate slowly, waiting for the late outbreak. We must pay attention to these words in the choice of competition when doing video station too much, according to user habits determine film and TV play different words related to the kingly way. Mining competition small word have promotion to the high possibility. read more

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Keywords optimization of dry cargo 8 hours a app fix

– iOS

Keywords optimization of

writer Su Chang (WeChat ID:sumoren), the content of the article is according to the company in Shenzhen City, zero or one interactive a ASO held share writtenup. Share in two ASO Daniel were to share the iOS and Android search optimization application.

weights > Keywords > APP Description > IAP item Name/Description is the application name > Keywords tag > > application to buy the name or description >;

– end optimization

, the six basic principles of read more

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The construction site outside the chain which Shanghai Longfeng thoughtful ideas worth er

first, strategy and idea of the construction of the chain is the key. We go to some BBS to link some factory for the construction of the chain many times, the number of rushing to rise, but the decline is fantastic website weight missing this is what reason, in fact, we do not only pay attention to the construction of the chain number, must be based on grasping the quality of the assessment to the construction of the chain way. We use the soft Wen contribute as an example, I most love to share their own original articles, A5 article to share, can bring a lot of copyright reproduced, even if A5 can only keep a pure text links, also in other forums than we left on the anchor text link but also useful, we judge the quality of the chain depends not only on the the weight, the influence of the chain platform where the traffic for the value chain is very obvious, the higher the weight of the site more influence. I recommend some in addition to A5, Shanghai dragon why original area, tui18 area is our submission of the original direction. read more

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Teach you how to delete the drop down box and relevant search love Shanghai negative information

1, Shanghai 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/

after we click Submit just waiting to love Shanghai can be, well, have you learned? In today’s Internet, we do business, always encounter such negative information, there are a lot of people have an ulterior motive for profit, the release of negative information behind, today we can love Shanghai drop frame and related search feedback.

in order to protect your appeal to successful treatment, recommend the details and reasons for applying encountered, in order to ensure the timely and accurate judgment and administrator to handle your feedback. If the information is incomplete or unclear, the administrator will be very difficult to make a judgment. (within 500 Chinese characters) to effectively maintain the legitimate rights and interests of you, please upload the picture, can only upload a picture. read more

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The chain really want to break up a permanent forum signature

Since the

based on the above analysis we can see that the forum signature really is and the chain of fate has done, don’t break up only endless entanglement. Timely attention to search engine dynamic change, the optimization strategy is to improve the ranking of the key.

China Shanghai dragon news network 贵族宝贝china Shanghai dragon news贵族宝贝/Index-show-id-276.html original, A5 starting with the exchange, please indicate the source

analysis of


analysis of

from Shanghai station outside the chain of love analysis tools read more

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Different search engines have the same strategy of Shanghai dragon


according to the Hefei talent network Xiaobian know, each site in the optimization process for the search engine more than once, although the domestic market accounted for more than the love of Shanghai, but other search engines don’t use it? In fact, if a site users want to cover wide. So when the optimization work must not only consider a single search engine, for almost all of the search engine optimization is the most accurate.

speaking of search engine is different, so some beginners will certainly have such doubt, "that we in the optimization process, is the need to develop different strategies take different methods"? In fact before the owners in the face of such problems, the answer will be "Yes", this is because a lot of people in order to take into account the different search engines, will spend more information in the construction site, for example for different search engines of different construction characteristics of the site, so webmaster hand site will generally be more than one. But with the adjustment of the search engine algorithm is more and more similar, Xiaobian construction methods of different sites have been eliminated by the times, so you don’t want to "Shanghai dragon practitioners follow or imitate read more

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Some of the sentiment of love crazy K station in Shanghai recently

in July each year is the love crazy Shanghai K station, many not the quality of the website can escape the other disaster, but this time it is difficult to escape. When checked in recent days Links, found that many links have been K off, the QQ station is up to K. Why QQ station is K

love Shanghai algorithm is gradually improving, from these events can be seen, Shanghai is to love the user experience, I think the day will be more perfect, love Shanghai in the next period of time will continue to carry out large-scale move. Do not know if you have not found love, Shanghai has not recently updated regularly, to give us a impossible to guard against. Crazy crazy right down, the K station, severely hurt the webmaster heart, there are many owners and even give up a station. This time, also saw a lot of Shanghai, whether there is a way out of love, whether Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon. Plus a few days ago in Shanghai dragon industry leader Shanghai dragon why is down right, this discussion is more intense, is Shanghai dragon is really no way out of read more

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Practical analysis modify the robots file on the website of the Shanghai Google love reaction

for the first time to modify the robots file after the love Shanghai love Shanghai Google

should be early station set up the robots file, to prevent the late change

snapshot update, that is a 4 day period, daily traffic is large, but the user is in my shield in the /user/ file, the spider can’t grab, the largest flow is the user center, I try to modify the robots file, let the spider can access the file. Before Google included 120 thousand, remember very deep one is to modify the robots.txt file that is included, Google has more than 120 thousand, second day to more than 1000 per day to the speed of the included crawl, look at this love Shanghai, all right. But the unfortunate thing happened… Snapshot update again after the site: domain name, Google included 60 thousand (from more than 120 thousand), this love Shanghai is changed, the original 35 thousand and 600 to 49 thousand after the update snapshot included, then is to modify the robots file to write the page (the shield group purchase is to call the feeling at that time), do not know what is the reason for Google included greatly reduced, a large collection of love Shanghai, but continue to test, only to find the cause of fatal read more

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Summary of search engine marketing must follow the principle

SEM because it is facing the customer needs to provide marketing solutions, so it is the highest precision marketing, effective implementation of the SEM work is the priority among priorities of us should work, because it can directly affect the effectiveness of marketing, today we have to discuss this issue.

! Because

SEM we have to treat the account as their own children, careful, careful carefully, the details of the winning! It is search engine marketing to meet customer needs a series of marketing activities, we are also in a selected level, how to work carefully, so that more of the customer demand choice we are the ultimate goal of SEM work! The Adsemer bidding inquiry platform (贵族宝贝ask.adsemer贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5 read more

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Shanghai dragon is very important not opportunistic details and execution

Hongkong: Hongkong host host is free for the record, but the price is very cheap, the only drawback is the Hongkong space as possible with Hongkong house, "scarce" so given bandwidth is very low, the same IP may allow hundreds of sites, which greatly limits the access amount at the same time, there is a limit to the damage the user experience.

A good

optimization need to pay attention to details:

why do you say so? Do SEO like business, the face of the user. Only the user visits your site will generate transactions. So the first thing to be responsible for the user, a good user experience of the website can not only enhance the viscosity of the website can also bring the directional flow, thus there will be a return. This is our Shanghai dragon to do. read more

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Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon learning expert skill four Wang Tong of Shanghai Longfeng thinking

evaluation of the people Wang Tong, we can only talk about learning from his text to some of Shanghai Longfeng thinking and strategy, personally think it is quite good, especially worthy of our reference point and is learning to do segments of Shanghai dragon king.

remember that at the beginning of the year, wrote an analysis of Taobao Shanghai dragon market article Wang Tong, this article mentioned 2 years ago and now Taobao shop shop for now, doubled, reaching about 5000000, while engaged in Taobao Shanghai dragon real professional is not much, the market demand is great the back also mentioned the study and research of Taobao Shanghai dragon need to pay attention to three points: consider the seller confused, considering the buyers income, considering the Shanghai dragon. And give us by the three Shanghai Dragon technology to make money Taobao: Taobao service service, buyers, Taobao Shanghai dragon company to do. This is a classic. read more

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Share some tips to optimize the page loading speed

then how to optimize your web page

reduced the number of HTTP requests can help you effectively increase the website loading speed. You can use the following ways:

use the browser cache

?Optimization of

@import CSS syntax allows you to load other CSS files. Time is very helpful, but it is not the main file download, it may increase the page load time. Recommend the use of link tag, it will be more efficient.

1. fusion file

effectively compressed CSS and JavaScript code can effectively reduce the page size, you can remove the space optimization code. Of course, the compression code for code reading is not very useful, but as a general product environment, in this way we can effectively reduce the page load time. read more

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