Tomorrow Star to be a good webmaster and career man

I was in Beijing for 08 years, just graduated from Beida, some work experience are not, is the United States’ ABC ‘boss took me in and gave me a lot of space and support, in order to thank him, my dedication to work, and to the site as their own to maintenance and management, management has international exhibition network and star Mommy postpartum recovery network, and spent a month to make website construction results, website ranking improved 1 million 200 thousand, PR value increased from 0 to 2., of course I plan to do a lot, here I am from a good employee and do a good webmaster and the webmaster some communication experience: read more

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Since the media people living today so difficult Zhanjie day what time to sell

from the media after the fire, WeChat and other platforms to become "HIGH field", it was pushed to the front of the capital, someone in the effort "ashore."". The current situation, while the "loaded" content, giggle and flirt selling information, to survive, to earn quick money, while the "powder" seeking attention, said the transition, looking for investment, in the confused about the future, all, after the breakthrough of the traditional "forbidden zone", "digital media, from form to value, from entertainment to business, while trying to sell, while worried rummage"…… read more

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Sum up experience talk about the strategy of B2B marketing

a successful B2B marketer is an enterprise that can effectively develop valuable B2B products and uses attractive and persuasive methods to present products effectively to customers’ businesses and individuals.

factors affecting customer purchase behavior:

one. Marketing stimulus: 1. products, 2. prices, 3. promotions,

external stimulus: 1. economy 2. technology

two. Buying customer characteristics: personal psychology,

three. Buyer decision making process:

1. raises the need for 2. collection of information, 3. evaluation, 4. decision to purchase 5. purchase behavior, read more

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Since the media do not snub your free users

has recently established its own pay circle, the VIP membership, from major media blogs. However, even if everyone has more fans, that is not to say that all fans will pay for you. A lot of people are like this, pay, I serve you, do not pay directly ignore you. What about your free user,


before, the article is free, the tutorial is free, and even some software, source code and other good things are free to share. But now, some articles do not pay, do not read, and some tutorials do not pay, not to learn, and some things do not pay, do not give you free sharing. read more

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Station a day is Baidu included actual combat experience

I do is a guest website, because the level is limited, can not write master like you in this and a long and minute statement, I share my own experience, hope to have some reference for everyone. I basically have to do every day is to China Webmaster Station, Admin5 and take a look at, combined with everyone’s point of view, plus their own experience, in this, I say how I let Baidu a day included my web site. I don’t, the website is

my website called Amoy treasure, now feel very good, will register the domain name, select COM, the time is June 26th morning, everything is new, in general, according to the features of search engines need quite a long time to wait for your website, I can be second days, that is June 27th a check my site, are included, although included effect is not good, but I think in such a beginning, the future included effect will be very good. Here, let me tell you how I did it. read more

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On the whole process of English SEOER optimization

met an English SEOER on the forum the day before yesterday. I feel very lucky, he introduced me to search engine optimization mentality is a specific way of thinking about online marketing and SEO, in order to achieve long-term, continuous search ranking first pages.

, this is a set of guidelines, and you’ll keep talking about how to use 26% filters, what to do and what you can’t do in the search engine optimization process. Almost every industry outside of search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization equals the number of people with access to 1 rankings for your web site in Google. read more

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A to survive a series of owners to decide on what path to follow

statement: This is a written opinion, if the inadequacies also please buckle mercy, do not burst foul language, who do not appreciate


is a hundred-percent grassroots webmaster, exactly who is a hundred-percent came from an old grassroots grassroots webmaster. Since its exposure to the Internet in 2000, dozens of sites have been built, and dozens of sites have been shut down. From the western free forum began to play free, domain free website system, I established five or six free two website. From 2005 the first established with the top-level domain BBS, now who have established dozens of independent websites. Unfortunately, these sites are basically closed. read more

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Definition and function of Web site navigation

site navigation and site map that unlike general form and unified content, site navigation is not in fact a very determined function or method, but a generic term, all forms of all can browse the website information, to facilitate users to access Web services and not to lose, in the whole process in the discovery the problem can be found in time online help are part of the site navigation system.


based navigation system is provided in the section below the section of the web site, can also further design of other auxiliary navigation means, such as a common form, set up a menu assisted by the following main menu in each column to show the user in the web page on the site in the position. Its form of expression is relatively simple, the general form is: home page > one level column > two stage column > three column > content page. Site maps can also be understood as part of the web navigation system. In addition, you can also set up a more functional navigation system, if necessary, you can always tell the user where the column and location. read more

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How to remove the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer

this is how to get rid of GOOGLE’s " the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer. ", this tail tutorial is quite long, and it took me a lot of time. I hope I can help you.

website webmaster love site, especially the new owners almost every day from Baidu site, site to Google, from Yahoo site to the bed together Sogou, the major search engines to site again, look there is no new discovery.

site for webmaster is quite important, this also makes the vast number of webmaster no site, this also reflects our dependence on the search engine, also shows why Baidu dare so arrogant. read more

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Do not sell more money Sell domain name wifi com because of good ownership

renamed Chinese ( April 29th news, it is reported that recently, the domain name industry best domain is the holder of specialty union founder Chen Donghong sold, the price is unknown.

: domain name site

learned that the domain name of the acquirer is Shanghai still Network Technology Co., Ltd., under the head of the group. "WiFi master key" is the company’s brand products, its official website enabled domain name

currently, "WiFi master key" did not change the original domain name, and domain name is enabled to build a station. It is understood that the specialty union founder Chen Donghong optimistic about WiFi passkey launched the international version of, and the domain name easy to remember, universal and iconic, is the preferred domain of the WiFi community, do not know whether the domain name will be used to build an international version of the WiFi manneungyulsoi read more

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How to beautify your website with FLASH

today you introduced to the webmaster, how to use the most widely circulated on the Internet FLASH, to beautify our own website, blogs and forums, optimize our website, to retain more visitors, bring lasting access. Talk less and cut the subject.

today’s largest portal website of Sohu, and the world ranking Sina, open the two large website home page, the first thing we saw is that attracts thousands of people of FLASH advertising (do not believe you can try to open it).

that’s the first thing I want to say today: external calls to FLASH read more

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Do stand like a man behave yourself let your website always first

2009 began to contact the Internet, that time boyfriend told me, you write so good, write more articles, there is more to the NetEase, Sina, and so large websites registered blog, do not forget to add text. In retrospect, I knew nothing about the industry at that time. I do not understand, ask him, he said he went to research, do not understand, ask Baidu, go to the relevant forum to read information. It was really depressing at that time. Let me do it and not teach me. No way out。 Started, I did not understand, asked Baidu’s difficult road. In 2012 this year, she was soon 3 years, 3 years, leaving a lot of crooked road, it is the wrong way to let me step by step to grow up, know how to learn what knowledge do not understand, also know a few months later, I didn’t know what they are doing is called SEO optimization. The beginning of the stage of learning is really a hundred flavors of life have tried again, although boring, hard, a little, but it is really worth it, because I understand a lot of truth. Therefore, the professional website construction company in Shanghai co – Networking Xiao Zhang and we say that these years to do SEO optimization bit by bit, I hope to be involved in the early entry of the industry novice help. read more

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Analysis of grassroots network profit tactics

famous IT information website grassroots network (, IT, Internet information. Grass root webmaster very diligent, collect the industry’s fastest, latest and most extensive information, become one of the websites that many Internet practitioners must go up.

in admiration grassroots webmaster Zhang Chang super network technology at the same time, we have been questioned the profitability of this site. In terms of profitability, the site has the following disadvantages:

1, accurate content brings narrow audience. The station is only suitable for IT class advertising. read more

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An analysis of the current group buying market

in March, it is the best season of the year, everywhere a business scene, but for many group purchase sites, far from the end of the winter, they are facing the situation is still grim, hitherto unknown.

people often say that things change, the word used to buy the industry development process can be described as extremely appropriate. After the blowout type development in the first half of last year, group purchase industry in the doldrums, from once by four thousands of war to today’s neglected the gap is not big. Although it can be as early as in the group purchase unusually hot when he briefly stalemate after a group purchase market will reshuffle, the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, but competition is so tragic or somewhat beyond expectation. According to the annual January group purchase market survey report released shows in the industry top three U.S. group, handle network, Wo Wo Group will occupy half of the country group purchase market, Matthew effect increasingly strong stronger and the weak weaker obviously. read more

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About local forum operation promotion

first I explain what I do is forum, Xiushui small fish community (a small town, which belongs to the Jiangxi Jiujiang the hometown of Huang Tingjian) I am not a it, I am an ordinary clothing designer, the network is only interested in a few days ago, last year, I do not play the Forum, is not playing, that is yesterday of last year, I also try to use the 5d6d forum, is the beginning of section is out of order, but I still desperately, but my little fish in a year, only 2600 members, but I personally feel okay, at least I know it I am here to learn a lot about the knowledge of the network, but I still have what the code, do not understand, just by others, but I still hard in school, a friend said I 16 hours a day in front of the computer, right , I is such a person, with computer than with his wife even longer, my time, I go to work ten hours a day, because the design, I use the computer, the computer can’t work on the Internet, it can only work on the site, the meal is the computer, do a station for years, I rarely go out to play, not to say, I have my promotion. read more

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Analysis on drug store market prospects

drugstore market prospects? Suitable for joining business investment? Many franchisees pay more attention to the industry, but for now the market situation is not very clear, if you want to hear some of professional advice, you can see with small make up, hope you can help.

Three major problems facing a drugstore,

cosmetics restricted problem: the State Food and Drug Administration will begin to rectify the "health number", "consumer brand", "famous makeup" in the pharmacy sales, clearly defined these types of products will not be mixed together with drug sales, the problem is serious, will be canceled the corresponding business qualification, revoke its "drug business license". read more

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How to retain repeat customers

is very concerned about the website’s traffic flow that high can explain and prove a lot of things, may at the beginning, to bring a lot of traffic, but the traffic is not stable, high low, why? Because these flows are real-time, the site back to head off a few. A web site to repeat what problems? As one of the persons in charge of the equipment manufacturing network, share some views with you here, hope to find the reasons that the solution, let the site "live".

1. How do you make customers repeat customers? read more

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How can you submit a SEO program perfectly

recently, my hospital has been looking for SEO director of operations, and I myself have been promoted to the Minister of the network, so the interview candidates have become my job. However, through interviews with several candidates over the past few days, I have found a very small problem, that is, no one has submitted a satisfactory SEO program. So I think it’s necessary for me to show you how to submit a SEO proposal perfectly.

Who is the

SEO program for?

SEO program is not only applied in job search above, it is also often applied to the stage of work summary, network optimization companies also need to submit SEO program to customers, only more able to move the hearts of customers and so on. So, first of all, I would like to remind all friends who want to be a SEO program, first of all, have a good peace of mind and think about who your SEO program is for. read more

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Discussion on the development prospect of local network

ran the website for a long time and suddenly remembered to be our local local network.

why did you choose the local network,


1. local network information classification fine, information fast


local network business website like Lushun we should strive to build it into a local portal and information collection.

3 information we have localized his Lushun information, all information can provide all the information of Lushun localization, if is a large site, can not go all the small information to refine the local, small information, is an important gateway to the local network, only the information quantification, website is promising. read more

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Baidu K the female stationmaster fell from the sky to the ground

after graduation to a newspaper reporter, the reporter, in the eyes of others is a wonderful feeling, but I think that the division of labor is different, the reporter is also very tired all day run to and fro. By chance, I met online a personal web site, may be the occupation problem, I do not know what is curious, and interested in the website, in the friend under the guidance of a personal website I released

!The sensitivity of

by virtue of their occupation, I carefully maintained their own website, the website of the other manuscript take over to edit, and then sent to their website, let a person feel is a first-hand material, so that love is well received by users, and users directly to the landing site, rather than by Baidu over the people many now know why Baidu love their own website, although they do not know what SEO, but then understand, "spider" thought of my article is original, so the recorded information is increasing, after this year, Baidu search has included more than 10000, IP maintained at 20 thousand every day so, I will encounter hot, changing ideas, search engines more. With the passage of time, I do not understand technology, look for a principle, every website is not updated, the updated content as is the focus, and to seize the hot keywords, transform problem, replace the attractive title. read more

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