first_imgDisclaimer: These results are not typical. This story is the fundraising equivalent of the bikini-clad woman in the Slimfast ad – a special success story.That said, uber-networked bloggerista and social networking guru Beth Kanter did it. And in the process, she showed us how we might do it, too. Read the story here.Okay, so you may not have hundreds of Twittering friends at the ready or even know what the heck is a Gnomedexer, but there are some lessons here.The messenger is everything. If you want to raise money, get people who like you to ask their friends and family for funds on your behalf. When Beth reached out to her community – in person and online – people responded.Well-networked messengers are gold. When those fans of yours have extensive online networks, they can touch an amazing number of people.The simpler and easier the ask, the bigger the conversion. Asking people to make a $10 with a few clicks is not a big request, and so it’s hard to say no to it.People are total conformists. Once people see their peers doing something, they’ll follow. Beth got a bunch of technically inclined people to reach out to their networks in public, and that’s peer pressure on steroids. Social norms, meet social networks. Tangibility is key. Beth didn’t raise money for “girl’s education in Cambodia.” She asked people to help a specific young woman with her college education. That makes a big difference.Transparency is essential. A ticker with real-time results measured against a tangible goal makes people feel trusting – and compelled toa ct.Thank-yous are appreciated. Beth is great at thanking people, recognizing them and celebrating what their donations accomplished. That kind of gratitude is the happy ending to a fabulous fundraising campaign.Thanks Beth for the inspiration. And for all you do for Cambodia, a place very close to my heart.last_img

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