Rabat – On the occasion of Revolution of the King and the People, King Mohammed VI granted his pardon to 244 people sentenced by the different Moroccan courts, said on Wednesday a statement by the Justice and Liberties ministry.The detained beneficiaries of the royal pardon are 172 and are divided into:– 169 prisoners who had their prison terms reduced. – 3 inmates who had their prison sentences commuted from life imprisonment to fixed prison terms.The free beneficiaries of the pardon are 72 and are divided into:– 14 prisoners who benefited from pardon over their prison sentences or remaining prison terms. – 2 inmates who benefited from pardon over their imprisonment terms while their fines were maintained. – 1 inmates who benefited from pardon over his prison term and fine as well. – 55 prisoners had their fines annulled.  Royal pardon is customary in the North African Kingdom to mark national and religious holidays.

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