Rabat – The Ministries of the Interior and Energy, Mines, Water and Environment warn of the dangers associated with the misuse of butane gas cylinders.Following the increase in accidents due to the misuse of bottles of butane gas, which usually serious injuries and deaths, as well as lead to material damage, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment have decided to react. In a statement issued this Sunday, the ministries have warned custodians, transporters, sellers and users of butane gas cylinders for domestic or professional use against the danger of certain practices.The statement also mentioned that national awareness campaigns have been scheduled along with joint efforts from provincial and local committees to identify dangerous practices and uses of bottles of butane gas take regulatory action against their perpetrators. Regarding the danger posed by such practices on the safety of citizens and their property, the Ministries of the Interior and Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment called “upon the concerned parties to respect safety measures, and to take the necessary precautions during the storage, transport, handling and use of butane gas cylinders to avoid any incorrect and dangerous practices.”The statement also cited some of these incorrect and dangerous practices, in particular, the storage and transport of butane gas cylinders, full or empty, without respecting the required safety measures.The ministries also warned against the sale and use of deformed or defective butane gas cylinders, the improper connection of butane gas cylinders, and the use of defective valves, piping, and fittings, which may cause gas leakage.The statement also cited the use of matches or lighters to detect possible gas leakage and reheating butane gas cylinders by applying a direct heat source or immersing them in hot water to accelerate the discharge of the gas.These practices also include the use of butane gas cylinders and gas-fired equipment in confined or insufficiently ventilated spaces, the assembly and use of several interconnected butane gas cylinders, usually for professional purposes,; and the use of butane gas cylinders as a fuel source for cars and transport vehicles.The ministries statement came after the gruesome accident of Ain Aouda last week, where a butane gas cylinder exploded in a restaurant, resulting in the death of one woman and injury of 54 other people.One of the victims, a 13 years old girl, passed away this Sunday at Ibnu Ruchd Hospital in Casablanca, after suffering severe burning due to the explosion. Three other children are still receiving treatment at the Children’s Hospital in Rabat.

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