Attitudes and consumption of tourists on Lošinj TOMAS 2017

first_imgLošinj is a place of sports, recreation and new experiences, as evidenced by a new survey of attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia – TOMAS 2017, which was conducted by the Institute of Tourism for the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj.Slightly more than 50% of visitors to Lošinj stated sun and sea as their primary motive for arrival, but the percentage of those guests who see their primary motive for arrival in new experiences (35%) and in sports, recreation and entertainment (32%), point out from the Lošinj Tourist Board.The survey in the area of ​​Lošinj was conducted in the period from July to October 2017, and a total of 404 tourists were surveyed (327 in Mali Lošinj and 77 in Veli Lošinj). The largest number of guests visiting Lošinj is between the ages of 30 and 49 (54%), and 55% of them come to the destination with a partner, while 51% are university educated.Motivation for wellness (9%) and health reasons (13%) is above average. The Internet (42%) is the primary source of information, and the pages of online travel agencies (76%) are most often visited. 95% of guests booked accommodation on Lošinj in advance, and 57% through a travel agency. Guests mostly come to the destination by car (89%) and spend an average of 8 nights. During their visit to the destination, 66% of them go on self-organized excursions. The daily consumption of a guest on Lošinj is 96 euros, which is more than the average consumption of a guest in the county (77 euros). 46% of expenditures relate to accommodation services, 19% to food and beverage services in catering facilities, 18% to trade services and 18% to other destination services.// TZ MALOG LOŠINJA LAUNCHED A PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN “1 VISIT IS WORTH 1000 PICTURES”.Guests of Lošinj are extremely satisfied with the total stay in the destination, more than 80% of them with more than 30 elements of the offer (beauty of nature and landscape 84,6%, kindness of staff 83,4%, personal safety 82,6%, quality of service 79,7 .78,5%, food quality 76%, ecological preservation 75,3%, beach cleanliness XNUMX%, etc.). Among the poorly rated elements, the traffic accessibility of the destination, the convenience for a short vacation and the richness of the gastronomic offer stand out. Also during the stay, the guests were most bothered by unpleasant odors from the containers, inappropriately disposed garbage, crowds in the bathing area and crowds in general in the destination.Attachment: Characteristics of tourist demand in the town of Mali Lošinj – ATTITUDES AND CONSUMPTION OF TOURISTS IN CROATIA TOMAS SUMMER 2017 Related news:MALI LOŠINJ IS BUILDING A TOURIST YEAR STEP BY STEP, NOT A SEASONBRAVO FOR MALI LOŠINJ, WHICH OFFERS OVER 40 ORIGINAL, UNIQUE AND INDIGENOUS SOUVENIRSTHREE IMPORTANT LESSONS WE CAN LEARN FROM LITTLE LOŠINJlast_img