The regional wine shop in Osijek will soon become an Eno-gastro interpretation center

first_imgPhoto: Osijek-Baranja CountyThrough the development of innovative multimedia solutions, the eno-gastronomic story of Slavonia and Baranja will be interpreted and presented in a more innovative and high-quality way. The application of modern and intuitive technologies and modern design will expand the experience of potential users, and thus the demand for traditional, indigenous agri-food products. The eno-gastro interpretation center should open its doors to visitors at the end of November this year.The wine shop is also the venue for numerous events of various characters in the courtyard of Kazamat, which attract a very large number of visitors and have a tendency of constant growth, which illustrates the additional potential to increase the number of visitors in the future eno-gastro interpretation center.By the way, during the first ten months of this year in the Osijek-Baranja County there was an increase in the number of overnight stays of as much as 20% and arrivals of 16%. The City of Osijek is implementing the project “Wine Tour – eno gastro interpretation center” through which the space will be arranged and the Regional Wine Shop in Osijek will be multimedia equipped into an interpretation center.The project is worth HRK 667.001,86, of which the Ministry of Tourism provides HRK 392.200,00, and recognizing the importance of project implementation, Osijek-Baranja County has concluded an agreement with the City of Osijek under which it co-finances it with HRK 137.400,00. Over 20 wine producers from Osijek-Baranja County from all 4 vineyards are represented in the Regional Wine Shop. These vineyards also contain 12 wine roads whose offer will also be presented in the new interpretation center.The Mayor of Osijek, Ivan Vrkić, points out that this project is a continuation of the excellent cooperation between the City and the County, in which the City provides space, and the County arranges it. He said that all this is being done with the aim of raising tourism to a higher level, and announced that a new project of special importance for the arrangement of the Fortress and the tourist performance of Slavonia – arranging the infrastructure of the Fortress – will begin in December.Photo: Osijek-Baranja County”In the newly renovated space, about 20 wine producers from 4 vineyards will have the opportunity to present their offer in a modern way, which raises the tourist offer to a higher level. This project fits into the comprehensive story of the renovation and arrangement of the Fortress, so in addition to the existing large project of building Vatroslav Lisinski Square and the reconstruction of the Old Bakery, in December we expect another major project to restore the entire infrastructure of the Fortress. All this opens up opportunities for new employment, new income and new development of the city and the county. ” said Vrkic.Today’s Regional Wine Shop (future Eno-gastro interpretation center) is the result of the EU project – WINE TOUR, worth 1.248.519,29 euros, which includes the Osijek Regional Wine Shop and 4 smaller wine shops in all 4 vineyards of Osijek-Baranja County, 17,13 km of wine roads were arranged and activities of education and promotion of tourist facilities in the vineyards were carried out.”The goal of the project “Wine tour – eno gastro interpretation center” is that the Regional Wine Shop operates daily and is available to tourists who visit Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County and that through wine tasting they can get to know our wines, vineyards and eno offer, but also visit vineyards and winemakers who produce those excellent wines. There is not much to say about the Fortress, it is beautiful in itself, as everyone who comes to it says. Therefore, the entire area should be systematically renovated and at the same time given new facilities and a higher level of tourist offer”Said Osijek-Baranja County Prefect Ivan Anušić.last_img