Italy introduces mandatory covid19 testing for people coming from Croatia

first_imgCroatia is still on the list of countries for which there is no general recommendation of the British government to avoid all unnecessary trips. All UK citizens can go to Croatia and back to the country without any restrictions. Croatia is on the lists of safe countries and most other EU member states, including Poland and the Czech Republic, from which significant tourist traffic is recorded this year. According to the decision, persons who have been in the territory of Croatia and the mentioned countries for the last 14 days have the obligation to: “Everyone who plans to go to Croatia should reconsider the necessity of their trip. However, if you cannot avoid this type of travel, be sure to avoid places with an increased number of people, mass gatherings, indoor bars and nightclubs, ”said Kacin. Asked whether Croatia will be on the red list for the second week (mandatory 14-day quarantine upon return to Slovenia), Kacin said that the numbers of new patients would say so. The decision is effective from today (August 13), which you can read here. Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Focus: Italian citadines in country and foreign cities in Italy b) the obligation to test by PCR through buffer zones at the time of arrival at the airport, port or border crossing, or within 48 hours to the nearest health institution of residence. While waiting for the test, persons are required to remain in the self-isolation of their own home. In the regular update of the list of countries safe for travel, on July 31, the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed Croatia on the list of recommended destinations for summer vacations of its citizens, and the decision was confirmed by the German Government by updating the list yesterday. On August 10, Austria updated the list of safe countries, ie areas, and Croatia was confirmed in the group of countries to which the Austrian Government recommends travel to its citizens. Croatia remains on the list of safe countries in key emitting countriescenter_img According to the Slovenian media, most of the new patients in Slovenia came from Croatia, and the Slovenes resent us for doing too little testing. According to data until yesterday, 24 new cases were recorded in the past 130 hours, so the number of currently ill (active cases) in Croatia to date is 686. We know that Ferragosto (from lat. Feriae Augusti = Feast of Augustus) is approaching, the feast of the Assumption, which is celebrated every August 15 in Italy, and is considered one of the most important religious and family holidays. At that time, many Italians go on vacation, and most take advantage of the entire vacation.  The Slovenian government is closely monitoring the entire situation in Croatia Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza has signed a new Decision on the introduction of mandatory testing for covid19 for all who come to Italy from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain. Also, Slovenian government spokesman Jelko Kacin said that Croatia could soon be on the red list due to the increasing number of new infections in Croatia. a) showing to a public transport official or who is authorized for controls, a PCR test not older than 72 hours before entering the country that is negative for COVID-19last_img