Cádiz helps in the manufacture of protection screens

first_imgIn the fight against the coronavirus, union and solidarity are needed, that’s why Cádiz has joined with different companies to collaborate in the manufacture of protective screens for professionals at the foot of the canyon working for the health and safety of all citizens.A week ago, Cádiz announced that it would provide aid to the European group from Cádiz with a financial contribution. that it facilitate the acquisition of the necessary material for the creation of sanitary material that, ultimately, would be donated to the Puerta del Mar University Hospital. Days after, the cadista club donated to a businessman in the city a total of 60 reels of PLA filament with which 2,500 sanitary protection screens were manufactured that were distributed by different health centers.This afternoon Cádiz has announced through its social networks that they have already received another 50 coils of PLA filament that will be donated to collaborators from Impresiones C3DIZ to continue producing sanitary material that, according to the club, this time will be distributed among health personnel, Police, Civil Protection … in short, the professionals who are on the front line of infections.In addition, the entity is carrying out different initiatives to help in the fight against COVID-19, such as the charity I Carranza eSports Trophy which is still at stake.last_img