Letters to the Editor for Saturday, May 11

first_imgGrateful for caring in loss of loved oneThe hardest thing for a family to endure is the loss of a loved one. Having recently been in that situation, I would like to thank two organizations for their kindness and professionalism in our time of need. We lost a loved one who was a part of our lives for many years. She passed peacefully as a result of help from the Schenectady County Hospice Organization. As a healthcare professional, I can say that I have rarely seen a more smoothly run caring group of people.The second group is the folks at Glenville Funeral Home.We had requests that they filled with out hesitation. When it seemed as though we couldn’t take another minute of the grief and heartache, they were there to bring calm and peace to us all. Always with a smile and a gentle voice to say, no worries, we can do that for you.Thank you both for all you did to make this troubled time more bearable.Andrew GreinerSchenectady Diocese should act  on St. Clare’s pensionI join with other letter writers to this page calling for more attention and action on the plight of the St. Clare’s Hospital retirees facing the loss of significant reduction in their pensions.I call upon The Gazette to keep investigating and reporting on the issue and to advocate for remedies for those affected.As regular readers of The Gazette know by now, a combination of factors contributed to this local pension crisis. Among the factors, the grievous decision was made by the CEO and the St. Clare’s Board of Trustees in the 1990s when they sought and obtained a religious exemption to bow out of the guarantee of their pension benefits by the U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. How short-sighted.St. Clare’s was founded as a Catholic hospital. It has been sponsored by the Diocese of Albany, and successive bishops have sat on the board for decades. I believe the obligation for seeking a remedy, morally if not legally, lies with the diocese.Bishop Edward Scharfenberger and the diocese have a moral obligation to support the retirement welfare of the 1,100-plus hospital retirees who worked for decades to support the medical needs of Schenectady’s indigent and elderly residents. The bishop should seek financial support from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, the $3.2 billion foundation set up in 2018 by New York’s Catholic bishops after the sale of Fidelis Care, the Catholic health plan begun in 1993.The delays and finger-pointing must stop.Dennis QuinnSchenectady Citizens don’t need laws to give freedomRegarding the proposed Brendan’s Lemon-Aid Law (A5120/S762), let me get this straight. Our supposed moral and intellectual superiors in New York state government are going to pass a law to give us freedom? Or at least a little bit, in certain cases, with more to be clarified, or maybe removed, at some unknown future date.There was a time we lived in a free country according to the Constitution. But now we have to rely on the charity of our leaders to give us what they see fit. What have we become?Ed NietersBurnt Hills Jansson’s experience needed in NiskayunaI’m supporting my friend and neighbor Greta Jansson in her run for Niskayuna school board. She and her husband, Naseer, have three boys who have attended elementary, middle and high school in Niskayuna. They are well behaved, well disciplined and smart kids. She has personal experience with what works with kids and what doesn’t. Greta knows, through her children’s experience, our school’s high and low points.Greta has 22 years of business and financial experience. She is the owner/manager of her own business. She will bring experience in finance, managing budgets and people, and serving others to serve the district and all stakeholders.Greta has taken the time to learn about the many programs and initiatives the district is currently undertaking under the district’s strategic plan. She has identified a number of priorities the board needs to address. She knows where the board needs to focus.Another priority for Greta is building a civil community. Mutual respect, collaboration and compromise are paramount, and that is the way she has always done business.Greta will work for a Niskayuna where everyone — teachers, staff, students and their families — feels welcome. She will be an amazing board member. Roberta SteinerSchenectady Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionDon’t lower voting age; raise it to 25The Point/Counter Point article in the May 5 Gazette on lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 had it all wrong. Science has stated that the brain is not fully developed until age 25.So why would anyone want to allow 16- or even 18-year-olds to vote before they have the maturity to make their decisions after experiencing life through additional education and work, especially after having to pay income and property taxes. Raise the voting age to 25 and see what a difference informed decisions can make.Charles RobinsonPrincetown Cuomo a failure at reforming educationWith the passage of a new law that removes the mandatory use of state testing results in the evaluation of teachers (a totally wrong-headed idea), it appears that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally given up his attempts to control the education system in New York and to punish the teachers’ union, which refused to endorse him in recent elections.For instance on January 3, 2013, a headline in the Albany media proclaimed that, “Cuomo touts school changes.” The article featured ideas from a group of high-ranking business and education leaders and even some New York state legislators, which resulted in nothing.Additionally, the governor, in his State of the State speech in January 2012, appointed himself the chief lobbyist for students — according to him, the only group in education that does not employ lobbyists. It appears that the governor has either lost interest in that position or that he’s the quietest lobbyist in the history of lobbying. The governor has had nothing to say about the failure of the teacher evaluation system he personally crafted. It appears the governor is officially out of the business of education. That’s a good place for him to be. Dr. John MetalloSlingerlands More fairness needed in consumer billingWhy is it that we are tolerant of so many financial abuses?When you use a smart phone, your data usage continues, even when you sign off the site, unless you actually shut the app, which requires an extra step. I found this out the hard way.Why do credit card companies get to choose the hour that your payment needs to be paid by to avoid incurring an added penalty cost? The calendar states that a day is comprised of 24 hours. So if a bill is due on a specific day, that should mean that the person has until midnight of that day to pay it and still be considered paid on time. These time requirements seem so arbitrary and have no rhyme or reason that I can decipher. Seems to me it’s just another sneaky way to get more money, sort of like all of the added charges in our cable bills. Why aren’t these charges just included in our monthly fees? Broadcast charges, really?I think it’s time for the consumer to stand up and demand fairness. Contact your political representatives to get the laws changed so people can be treated fairly when it comes to paying bills. It’s a disgrace that corporations are allowed and encouraged to rip us off on a daily basis. I feel like a veil is being lifted and truth is rising to the surface in many areas. I’m tired of being robbed legally, and, hopefully, so are you.Linda MackanesiCharlton Dems experiencing a political breakdownI’m submitting this letter in hopes that, by your printing it, that will bring into focus the disservice that is being done to our nation by our elected officials. As a veteran who has some skin in the game, I’m alarmed about the misdirection our country is being led.Making fun of their selfish partisanship is my way of calling attention to this very real problem.With the recent spate of auto safety recalls, one must consider the safety issues that apply to the Democratic Party.Their recall is necessary to insure the safety and well being of our nation. Examples follow:Steering problems. There are way too many loose and cross-threaded nuts in the steering mechanism. Investigations blow out and go flat. Windshields become clouded and crazed. Exhaust systems emit foul odors that smell like rotten eggs. Transmissions stick in low gear and will not shift to the right. Paint fades weeks after being on a rough road. Engines fail to start, with improper amounts of money being deposited. Directional lights indicate left turns only due to too many loose screws.Radios randomly revert to playing “You can keep your doctor and health plan if you like them” and “Those jobs are never coming back to America.”Some older models i.e.: the Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters and Schiff, are especially troublesome, as they constantly emit loud whining and moaning noises, wander in driving lanes, often backfire and cannot be depended upon for safe travels.Jack OsterlitzGlenville Simpsons wouldn’t find hotel in NiskyI just read Jeff Wilkin’s Simpsons article in the April 29 Daily Gazette. Niskayuna Supervisor Yasmine Syed invited Homer and the gang to a long stay next time they leave Springfield.I just checked Hotels.com and there are no hotels/motels listed in the town of Niskayuna.I guess this explains why no hotel points are needed. They are invited to stay with Yasmine.Mike RozdolskiSchenectady Put Backus back on Nisky school boardWe are writing to support retired Col. Brian Backus, USAF, for re-election to the Niskayuna Board of Education. Brian currently serves as the vice president of the board.Brian was the commander of the 139th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron and has served in the military since 1978. He has had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to the Air National Guard, Brian was employed by the Capital Region BOCES for 18 years and served in a variety of positions, including coordinator of health and safety and risk management. Brian is also a parent with children in the Niskayuna schools.Brian’s entire career has been spent in public service, and we applaud his desire to continue his service to the pupils, teachers and administrators of the Niskayuna Central School District. Brian’s long and varied career in the military and BOCES makes him uniquely qualified to continue his service on the Board of Education. His career, temperament and demonstrated leadership qualifications serve as a model to our students and our community.Niskayuna is fortunate to have Brian as a candidate again. We ask that residents of Niskayuna vote on May 21 for Brian Backus for the Board of Education.Anne and Michael SkrebutenasNiskayuna Remember heroes who fought in WWIIAnother Memorial Day to remember those who gave their all so that we can enjoy our freedom will soon be here, and I got to thinking about my World War II Navy experiences and what a great day August 15, 1945, was for all of us. The celebration aboard my ship, the USS LSM 256 in Naha Harbor off the Okinawan coast, will never be forgotten. As an enlistee who couldn’t wait to get in, my pride in having played a part in our victory in the Pacific has sustained me for 74 years. Specifically designed to land troops and supplies on the beaches of Japanese-held Pacific islands and bristling with antiaircraft, Bofors, and 50-caliber machine guns, the LSMs were scheduled to be in the first wave of amphibians to land troops on mainland Japan on Nov. 1. The odds were less than 50 percent that any of us would avoid becoming a casualty. When the Japanese surrendered, my shipmates and I realized that in a true sense, we had “dodged a bullet.”  The men and women who served in World War II never gave up the fight because above all, they valued their freedom and understood that it was dependent on the enemy’s unconditional surrender.My hope on this day of recollection is that we honor those who saved the world and that all Americans will stop and ponder what their lives would have been like had we not defeated the Axis powers.Dan RileyClifton Park Show proof of Trump conspiring to winJust finished laughing, excuse me, reading, Dr. Michael’s May 4 letter (Plenty of reasons for Trump impeachment). I don’t know what his doctorate is in, but I am sure it isn’t in reading comprehension.The doctor claims that Trump associates conspired with Russian hackers to win his election. Where’s your proof?Did it ever occur to the good doctor that if Mueller had found any real evidence of collusion, he would have convened a grand jury? When will all you highly educated people come to grips with the fact that you lost? Those crimes of the president’s associates were for money laundering and lying to Congress. (That’s like bringing coals to Newcastle.) Neither of these had anything to do with him.As for public opinion being able to persuade the House to impeach, I didn’t read that in the Constitution. I believe it has to be high crimes and misdemeanors, and I challenge you to produce even a shred of hard evidence to support it. That would make you better than Mueller.Your 2/3 column of babble is just wishful thinking. Take a trip to Disneyland and bring other liberals with you.Jeff FalaceSchenectady Enjoyed “Dine” guide to local restaurantsJust a quick note about recent April 25 Gazette supplement, “Dine 2019,” featuring local restaurants in my area. It is a great feature and I believe will reap benefits to said food places. I enjoyed the way the articles and pictures were put together. I was amazed how many relative dining areas are within my reach. The ones out a ways look worthy of a road trip. You guys did good and thanks.James Murphy Sr.Schenectady Good luck to Sch’dy parenting programAs a Schenectady city school administrator in the ‘80s and ‘90s, one of my many responsibilities was PPT, the Program for the Pregnant and Parenting Teens.Our goal was to support young parents to stay in school and to graduate from high school. That program is long gone, but the May 5 Gazette article, “Baby Steps,” gives me hope.Every mother knows the difficulty of managing the care of a child, especially a new baby. The effort being made to bring together services of support, as well as a known place to get that help, is critical to changing lives. So many things about Ginni Egan’s support system make sense. Engaging the community in being a part of that initiative also deserves praise.I hope the “Baby Shower” fund-raiser is a big success. Good luck to each young parent and their children. With support, may you create healthy, productive, happy lives.Mary L. AndersonBurnt Hills In this country, voting is your responsibilityMany years ago, as a public-school elementary student, I learned that in a democracy, the citizens, either directly or indirectly, comprise the government. Consequently, the right to vote, I was taught, is a duty, not a privilege. As a freshman in college, I was required to read the John Stuart Mill essay “On Liberty.” Mill explains the citizens of a democracy secure and preserve their freedom through accepting certain responsibilities. We are not “free” (legally) to cry “fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire. The duty to vote, in my opinion, is one of these responsibilities. Anthony Peter Carota III’s May 4 letter (“No voting for people who go to prison”) argues against allowing certain ex-convicts to perform that duty. I will allow that whether or not former prisoners may exercise the right to vote is arguable. His letter describes the duty to vote as a privilege. To me, this understanding of the right to vote as optional rather than obligatory is one of the problems our nation faces today when only 52 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election.Fred ChambersFort Plain Agree on the need for understanding, civilityI think we should not have to whitewash our weaknesses and failures. In living, we should seek growth and authenticity, but not perfection. And we should look for harmony of values, but not for uniformity of opinion.Regarding Gerard Havasy’s May 4 letter, I was quite delighted when I felt myself agreeing with much of that which he had written. We all can find inner peace if we do not chastise other people, but accept them as they are — blemished indeed, but still of value and worthy as human beings.Jerry and I understand this, for we have maintained a cordial relationship for quite a few years. We are different, he and I, but we remain civil and kind and considerate. To us, Kate Smith was a grand lady of song. She sang beautifully and inspired Americans of all stripes during the difficult years of the 1940s and ‘50s. Also, consider Paul Robeson, who altered his deep-voice singing of the song, “Ol’ Man River” (from the musical, Show Boat) by using the word “darkies” instead of the dreaded “N” word. He also changed the lyrics to a more standard English, with these uplifting final words: “But I keep laffin’, Instead of cryin’, must keep fightin’, Until I’m dyin’.” He changed that song from an African-American lament into a civil rights rallying call.Yes, Robeson was political. Kate Smith was not. For me, she was a lady.  I agree with Jerry, that we need to know and understand history, while remaining civil.Kernan DavisGlenville Mayor should fix the city’s real problemsSchenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy’s priorities regarding city needs are definitely skewed. Instead of finding solutions to the real problems facing Schenectady neighborhoods and residents such as high property taxes, blight, litter, and crumbling streets and sidewalks, he’s fantasizing about turning our city into a “smart city.” Normally companies, cities and organizations implement new technology to solve problems they are facing. But McCarthy is exploring solutions to problems that we don’t currently have in Schenectady. I don’t believe city residents have ever complained about Schenectady not being a smart city or for not having WiFi-enabled light poles on their streets. McCarthy has so far failed to explain how smart lighting and WiFi-enabled light poles will address any of our pressing problems like high property taxes, blight, litter, crumbling streets and sidewalks. If we, for example, ask property owners to chose between having their property taxes reduced and WiFi-enabled poles, we all know what the overwhelming choice would be. Because he has miserably failed to solve our city’s pressing problems during his many years as mayor, McCarthy is diverting our attention with his sudden interest in smart-city technology. In the process, he is becoming a favorite target of salesmen selling technology and gadgets that we don’t currently need. He’s unwisely spending our tax money and has awarded grants that could be better spent addressing serious city problems.Mohamed HafezSchenectady Nurses Day cards are in Price ChopperIt’s only fair that after writing a letter or two in previous years exhibiting my disappointment in the lack of Nurses Day cards, that I give credit when the problem is resolved.Thank you to the Price Chopper, which not only has a few Nurses Day cards but a fine assortment. Happy Nurses Week to my nurse friends.Lois MillsNiskayuna Schools can lead on human traffickingHuman trafficking is a dark and tragic reality that we as a global community must face.I would like to compliment The Daily Gazette for the May 5 editorial regarding human trafficking and the ongoing efforts to combat this issue. Organizations such as SAFE Inc. are proactively working to inform, educate and empower others to help prevent future trafficking events.Awareness is a first step at addressing the factors that contribute to human trafficking. A committee in Schoharie County has been developed and has started to reach out to local schools in an effort to increase awareness and information regarding human trafficking.Schools are prime organizations that can help identify potential at-risk youth and by working with outside agencies, develop systems to provide support to mitigate the potential of human trafficking.Inviting outside agencies to inform faculty and staff about the reality and prevalence of human trafficking is a first step. Schools can begin to place a larger emphasis on understanding how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) impact students and increase social-emotional learning (SEL) practices in order to develop stronger relationships with students.Awareness and information are a first step in protecting children from human trafficking. Schools can help move this initiative forward by coupling with outside providers and understanding more about the children that enter schools by building stronger relationships with them through ACE knowledge and SEL practices.David RussellCobleskill Spa candidates have common sense plansA group of high school students and I recently met with the Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools Board of Education candidates Shaun Wiggins, Ed Cubanski and Dean Kolligian at a meet-and-greet.We were impressed that the candidates spent over an hour of their time listening to our concerns and discussing their plans to address them, if elected.Our main concern was safety. We all agreed that safety and security are the foundation that allows for a better learning environment.As students, we need to know that we are protected at all times and don’t need to wait precious minutes for law enforcement to arrive in case of an active shooter situation.We are well aware that the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland shootings were over within a matter of minutes.Additionally, we discussed the disrepair in our building, namely the restroom facilities.They are in horrible condition and could really use some updating.Lastly, we voiced our concern about the ongoing vaping problem that continuously occurs in our restrooms.The district just can’t seem to find a solution, and it’s a huge problem. This, too, should be considered a school safety problem and deserves a solid plan to fix it.I’d like to thank Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Cubanski and Mr. Kolligian for taking their time to speak with high school students in the district and to offer common sense solutions to these issues that are important to us.Meg MessittWiltonThe writer is a sophomore at Saratoga Springs High School. More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18last_img read more

Toddler in Ambon dies after being denied admission by four hospitals

first_img“The hospital does not have any rapid test kits, so the patient should take a rapid test outside of this hospital before receiving treatment here,” Basoni said on Thursday, recalling the words of the hospital staff.Read also: Ambon hospital suspends operations after 25 medical workers test positive for COVID-19Basoni then proceeded to take his son to Bhakti Rahayu Hospital, which was closed at that time. He later took his son to Sumber Hidup Hospital, where Rafadan was met with another rejection because the hospital was being sterilized after the death of a COVID-19 patient.He then took his son back to Haulussy General Hospital. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrived at the hospital, he learned that the hospital was closed for 14 days after 25 of its medical workers tested positive for COVID-19.The family planned to bring him to Bhayangkara Hospital on Thursday, but he passed away on the way there. Rafadan was laid to rest in a public cemetery in Warasia hamlet, Batu Merah village.Rafadan was not the only person in Ambon to die because of a lack of medical support due to the ongoing pandemic. Previously, two other residents reportedly died en route to a hospital after having been rejected from other hospitals. (dpk)Topics : A 4-year-old child from Wara Kolam Sembilan hamlet in Ambon, Maluku, died on Thursday after being denied admission by four hospitals in Ambon that were full with patients as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.The toddler, identified as Rafadan, was previously treated at Haulussy General Hospital for aplastic anemia, an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body stops producing a sufficient number of new blood cells.Rafadan’s father, Basoni, explained that he had already taken his son to four different hospitals on Wednesday. The first one was Al Fatah Hospital, where he was advised to have Rafadan take a rapid test outside of the hospital before seeking treatment at the hospital.last_img read more

Barcelona confirm interest in Arsenal and Manchester City target Matthijs de Ligt

first_img Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 6 Mar 2019 3:25 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link500Shares Barcelona confirm interest in Arsenal and Manchester City target Matthijs de Ligt Advertisement Matthijs de Ligt is firmly on Barcelona’s radar (Picture: Getty)Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has confirmed that the club are interested in signing Ajax star Matthijs de Ligt.De Ligt, 19, who is regarded as one of the finest young defenders in Europe, produced an outstanding performance in Ajax’s shock win over Real Madrid and is being heavily linked with a high-profile move this summer.Juventus, Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City are all competing to land De Ligt and reports last month suggested that Unai Emery had identified the centre-back as a target for Arsenal.It’s understood Ajax are demanding a fee of at least £70million for the sought-after Dutchman.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityBarcelona have already wrapped up a deal for Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong and it appears the Catalan giants could be lining up a move for his team-mate for club and country, De Ligt.‘His name is on the table,’ Barca president Bartomeu told SER Radio. ‘Where there is such talent away from Barcelona, we’re always looking at them.‘It’s a topic that will be discussed in our sports planning which begins in March, with De Jong we felt we had to move quickly because there were many clubs that wanted him.’ Advertisementcenter_img De Ligt produced an incredible performance against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu (Picture: Getty)Ajax director of football Marc Overmars, who is tipped to become Arsenal’s sporting director, hailed De Ligt’s ‘power’ and ‘mentality’ earlier this week.Asked if De Ligt could be the next player to leave Ajax, Overmars told AS: ‘I think so. For me, De Ligt can play easily on any of the six best teams in the world right now.More: FootballBruno Fernandes responds to Man Utd bust-up rumours with Ole Gunnar SolskjaerNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira moves‘He has the power, the mentality, the heart. If I worked at another club, I would like to sign him immediately.‘We do not need to sell him, we do not need the money, but I know he will go to one of the big clubs [eventually].’ Unai Emery reacts to draw against TottenhamTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 7:44FullscreenUnai Emery reacts to draw against Tottenhamhttps://metro.co.uk/video/unai-emery-reacts-draw-against-tottenham-1874588/This is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.MORE: Manchester United ‘came close’ to signing Gareth Bale from Tottenham, says David Moyes Commentlast_img read more

DO NOT STRIKE, DRIVERS TOLD: Iloilo city, prov’l governments to offer free rides

first_imgEighteen city government vehicleswould be mobilized. PSTMO chief Jeck Conlu said these would be stationed inpublic plazas for the easy access of commuters beginning at 6 a.m. The PSTMO would also be seeking thehelp of the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, PhilippineArmy, and Philippine Coast Guard which all have transportation assets. “Dakuna ang gasto sang coop. Indi namon pag i-sakripisyo,” saidRaymundo Parcon, chairman of WVTC. “So nag-decisionkami indi na lang mag upod sa untatbyahe.” “Sa umpisa medyo bug-at,” said Alido. But he expressed confidence that OTC would help theircooperative. “Seguroindi man kita pagpabay-an kon nagakalugi kita.” ILOILO City – The Western VisayasTransport Cooperative (WVTC) is not joining Monday’s nationwide transportstrike against the phase out of old jeepneys. It has received a warning fromthe Office of Transportation Cooperatives (OTC) that its registration could berevoked. FREERIDES The EmergencyResponders of Iloilo (EROI) will also be on standby to man the terminals. The government’s move to modernizePhilippine public transport aims to minimize air pollution and improve publictransport safety. Instead of staying off the streets,said Parcon, WVTC would just send a petition letter to the Office of thePresident, Congress, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFTB), and DOTr expressing opposition to the outright phase out of oldjeepneys by July 2020. But it will bebusiness as usual at the provincial capitol.  There will be a regular flagceremony on Monday. One of the bigger groupsunder ICAODC is the CityLoop Integrated Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association(CLIAJODA). Its president Rizalito Alido said they are supportive of thegovernment’s transport modernization program. Modern jeepneys are required to have,among others, Euro 4 engines that meet the European Union emission standards onharmful chemicals (such as toxic sulfur, benzene and carbon dioxide, etc.),Global Positioning System, automatic fare collection system, dashboard camera,speed limiter, and closed-circuit television camera. So as not to inconvenience strandedcommuters on Monday, Iloilo City’s Mayor Jerry Treñas ordered the Public Safetyand Transportation Management Office (PSTMO) to help transport people. The Iloiloprovincial government will offer free rides, too. Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. saidthe free transport service will not only be limited to provincial capitolemployees. Personnel ofthe Provincial Health Office and the 13 province-run hospitals will also be onstandby./PNcenter_img According to Conlu, his office wouldalso be asking the LTFRB to allow buses to enter the city. WVTC was formed two years ago so thatmembers could comply with the transport modernization program of thegovernment. It is registered with the OTC, the government agency mandated topromulgate and implement rules and regulations that govern the promotion,organization, regulation, supervision, registration through accreditation and developmentof transportation cooperatives subject to the approval of the Department ofTransportation (DOTr). “We will alsocater to regular passengers,” he said during the coordination meeting withconcerned department heads and national government agencies yesterday. Meanwhile, theAssociation of Taxi Operators in Panay (ATOP) clarified members will not stopoperating on Monday. The Iloilo CityAssociation of Operators and Drivers Cooperative (ICAODC), too, is not joining Monday’s transport holiday, itannounced yesterday. Among others, Parcon said, they wouldask that instead of requiring operators to purchase modern jeepneys, just allowthe rehabilitation of old units (buy new engine if the body is stillserviceable), and extend the transition period by three more years. Under WVTC are some 2,000 jeepneyunits affiliated with the Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators andDrivers Association (ICLAJODA) and transport groups from the municipalities ofDumangas and Barotac Nuevo in Iloilo province, and from the provinces ofAntique and Guimaras. The governorreviewed their contingency measures and checked on how they can assist theprovince in minimizing the effect of the strike. Parcon admitted that WVTC was part ofseveral local transport groups that agreed to join the nationwide transportstrike on Sept. 30. They support thetransport strike but will only be staging a caravan from the Mohon Terminal inMandurriao district towards LTFRB Region 6 office in Barangay Tabuc Suba, Jarodistrict in the morning of Sept. 30, stressed ATOP president Perfecto Yap. Alido is also the secretary general of ICAODC. In a previous interview, he said, “Waay namanta mahimo. We have to modernize kay ang tanan naga-modernize na gid manto serve the commuting public.” Employees whowill report late may not use the bundy clock to log in. Others who will beabsent can maximize their leave credits. For theprovincial government, 24 light vehicles and 7 trucks will be stationed in citytransport terminals (barangays Ungka and Tagbak in Jaro, and Barangay Mohon inMandurriao) in the morning to pick up provincial passengers. last_img read more

Japan trade minister resigns amid scandal

first_imgPrime MinisterShinzo Abe said he had accepted Sugawara’s resignation on Friday. Abe and SouthKorean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon met on Thursday and agreed on the importanceof cooperating on North Korea and other issues, seeking to rebuild relationsamid the feud over history and trade.(Reuters) Economy, Trade and Industry minister Isshu Sugawara attends a news conference at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s official residence in Tokyo, Japan on Sept. 11. REUTERS/ISSEI KATO Sugawara hadbeen under pressure after media said he had given gifts to voters in his Tokyoconstituency, such as expensive melons and crabs, in possible violations of thecampaign law. TOKYO –Japanese Trade Minister Isshu Sugawara resigned, following accusations ofelection law violations just a month after taking up the key post charged withhandling a trade dispute with neighboring South Korea.last_img read more

12-year-old charged with DWI after drunken joy-ride leads to police chase

first_imgA 12-year-old New Mexico girl was arrested on DWI charges after she took three of her siblings on a drunken joy ride, according to police.Police say the pre-teen fled when they tried to pull her over last week and that the pursuit ended when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a sign.Authorities say all four of the children appeared to be intoxicated.No injuries were reported.According to reports, the young driver has been referred to juvenile services on charges of reckless driving and DWI.No other information is available.last_img read more

COMMENTARY: Class B wrestling championships an event to behold

first_img Mike MandellMike Mandell is the sports editor at The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander. He began working for The American in August 2016. You can reach him via email at mmandell@ellsworthamerican.com. Every two weeks, Mike Mandell gives his thoughts on the sports scene in Ellsworth, Hancock County and beyond.Some events are worthy of stories. Others can be explained better through columns. The Class B wrestling championships in Bucksport deserve both.Most wrestling events are long, and it’s rare to have one shorter than six hours. Even if you’re not a wrestler, you’re probably going to be tired at the end of the day. When a school is in charge of bringing together teams from nearly 30 cities and towns from all over the state, coordinating with businesses to feed and house 112 wrestlers and their families and making sure the gym is in order, dozens of people have to put in exhausting work for hours on end. A lot can go wrong.In Bucksport, nothing seemed to. In every way, the Golden Bucks were terrific hosts to wrestlers, coaches, fans, referees, media members and everyone else who packed Ralph Jewett Gymnasium. From the moment the teams got off their respective buses until the award ceremony at the end, the event went off without a hitch. Bucksport head coach Dan Ormsby said the high school and the town wanted to prove they could host a big-time tournament, and they succeeded.Also on display Saturday was remarkable sportsmanship from everyone involved. Questionable refereeing decisions happen all the time in sports, and this time was no different. On a day when referees officiated more than 150 matches, there were going to be some bad calls along the way. With so much at stake, athletes and coaches can get emotional over those decisions from time to time. After all, we’re all human.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textThink about how hard refereeing is. Thousands of people are watching your decisions, and they always seem to point out the one instance in which you make a mistake instead of the hundreds of times you don’t. Sure, there were a few shouts of “Come on!” and “Bad call!” at times, but that was about it. Even when the outcome wasn’t as hoped, athletes, coaches and fans showed utmost class and respect.The sport of wrestling is one that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. In its purest form, the sport draws you as close to the action as you can get. Shouts from the coaches and fans draw you to that action in ways you can’t truly understand unless you’re in attendance, and that was particularly true with championships on the line in Bucksport.A wrestling match isn’t over until it’s really over. That’s an overused cliché in every sport, but it couldn’t be truer than it is in this one. Even if a wrestler leads 10-0 in the final period, one momentary lapse can lead to him or her being pinned. With seasons in the balance Saturday, that happened multiple times.It’s somewhat rare for a tournament to proceed with the efficiency it did at Bucksport High School. It’s even rarer to have the quality of competition and the sporting environment be as awe-inspiring as it was in that gymnasium. The 2016-17 high school wrestling season hasn’t concluded yet — there’s still the All-State championships and New England regional championships to be held in the coming weeks — but when it does, the countdown until next season won’t start soon enough. Latest Posts Bio Latest posts by Mike Mandell (see all)center_img MPA approves golf, XC, field hockey, soccer; football, volleyball moved to spring – September 10, 2020 Ellsworth runners compete in virtual Boston Marathon – September 16, 2020 Hospice volunteers help families navigate grief and find hope – September 12, 2020last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgUNDATED (AP) — NASCAR is back, but without fans, flyovers or other frills. Darlington Raceway has opened its 70-year-old gates to let engines roar again and revenue start to flow again.NASCAR’s return began Sunday morning as teams filed into the South Carolina track at designated arrival times. A checkpoint at the gate allowed pre-approved personnel into the infield after a health screening. There is no exiting once inside NASCAR’s designated footprint, all part of a meticulously planned health protocol.NASCAR chose Darlington, the oldest speedway on the Cup circuit, as the safest place to restart the season after eight events were postponed and the series sat idle for 10 weeks. Facing a financial collapse if live races didn’t get going on national television, NASCAR had its health plan approved in South Carolina and North Carolina and released an aggressive revised schedule.Sunday marks the first of 20 races across seven Southern states between now and June 21. All eyes will be on NASCAR and its protocols — representatives from IndyCar and the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, among others — were expected to observe the screening process Sunday.In other developments related to the coronavirus pandemic: — Live golf returns to television Sunday with a four-man charity Skins game at Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, Florida, to benefit coronavirus relief. There won’t be any caddies, so Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson against Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff will be carrying their own bags. The only rake will be carried by a rules official. Another rules official will be the only person to handle the flagstick, if necessary. It will be the first live action on TV since the opening round of The Players Championship on March 12.— In a return to official live tournament golf after the coronavirus pandemic, Park Hyun-kung shot a final-round 67 Sunday to win the Korean Ladies Professional Golf tournament by one stroke. Park had a four-round total of 17-under 271 on the Lakewood Country Club course. Bae Seon-woo and Lim Hee-jeong, who led by three strokes after the third round, were tied for second. The tournament was played without fans and with players using hand sanitizers and following social-distancing rules. Caddies wore masks but players were allowed to play without them.— German soccer champion Bayern Munich beat Union Berlin 2-0 in its first game in more than two months as the German soccer league’s restart continues. Robert Lewandowski scored from a penalty and Benjamin Pavard with a header as Bayern remained unbeaten in 2020. Bayern restored a four-point lead over second-place Borussia Dortmund, which beat Schalke 4-0 on Saturday. All games are being played without fans.— All Spanish league clubs can begin group training sessions this week despite stricter lockdown restrictions remaining in place in parts of Spain because of the coronavirus pandemic. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona have not been allowed to loosen confinement measures like most of the country, but teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona have been given the go-ahead to move into the second phase of training. The league has told clubs that on Monday all players can start small group sessions regardless of the lockdown phase in their regions. Players had only been allowed to train individually across Spain until now.— Russia has relaxed border restrictions for athletes and coaches in a move that will help soccer to restart in the country next month. Since March, Russia has barred most foreign arrivals in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Now the government says athletes and coaches will be allowed in if they have a contract with a Russian sports team or organization. They will have to spend 14 days in isolation on arrival and will be observed by doctors. — Former Washington Redskins star Dexter Manley is hospitalized and receiving oxygen to treat breathing issues related to the coronavirus. Two of his children told The Washington Post the 61-year-old Manley was hospitalized Friday in the Washington area. Daughter Dalis Manley said the former defensive end tested positive for the coronavirus May 2 and has steadily run a temperature between 101 and 104 degrees. Manley helped Washington win two Super Bowl titles in nine seasons with the team.— The 145th Preakness Stakes has been rescheduled for Oct. 3. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan disclosed the new date for the Preakness on NBC, which also had a hand in the decision because it televises the race. Saturday’s announcement was delivered less than hour before the original post time for the Triple Crown race.VIRUS OUTBREAK-MLBNew MLB rules: shower at home, don’t spitUNDATED (AP) — Major League Baseball has created a 67-page draft of its proposed 2020 Operations Manual, which has been obtained by The Associated Press. It was first reported by The Athletic. HOUSTON (AP) — Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver has been arrested in the Houston area and charged with driving drunk and illegally carrying a gun.Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies pulled Oliver over Saturday night after receiving reports of someone driving recklessly in a construction area north of the city, local media outlets reported, citing jail and police records and statements from sheriff’s officials. The deputies found an open beer and a pistol in Oliver’s truck, according to sheriff’s officials.Oliver is from Houston, where he also played his college career. He was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2019 draft. Montgomery County records did not list Oliver as being in the jail Sunday morning.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 May 17, 2020 Among the routine changes include players possibly arriving in uniform and being discouraged to take showers at ballparks. Team personnel will be banned from eating at restaurants on road trips, and mascots like the Phillie Phanatic and Mr. Met would be prohibited from the ballparks. The traditional exchange of lineup cards would be eliminated, along with high-fives, fist bumps, bat boys and bat girls.Spitting is prohibited along with water jugs and the use of saunas, steam rooms, pools and cryotherapy chambers. Hitting in indoor cages is discouraged, batting gloves encouraged.Batting practice pitchers are to wear masks, dugout telephones disinfected after each use. Players may not touch their face to give signs, and they’re not allowed to lick their fingers. Teams are encouraged to hold meetings outdoors, players spread apart.Teams will be allowed to have 50 players each under the plan, with the number active for each game still be negotiated.Meanwhile, Major League owners have made their pitch as they try to persuade players to accept less pay due to the coronavirus pandemic. MLB has told players their prorated salaries would contribute to an average loss of $640,000 for each game over an 82-game season in empty ballparks. That’s according to a presentation from the commissioner’s office to the union that was obtained by The Associated Press.center_img Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditVIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSNASCAR roaring back during pandemicEds: Race begins at 3 p.m. EDT The 12-page document was dated May 12 and paints a grim picture of a $10 billion industry shuttered by the pandemic. It was an initial step in negotiations aimed at starting the delayed season around the Fourth of July.Teams say the proposed method of salvaging a season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic would still cause a $4 billion loss and would give major league players 89% of revenue. Teams contend they lose more money with each additional game played, while the players’ union believes clubs would lose less money with more games.Owners voted Monday to propose salaries be based on a 50-50 split of revenue, a framework players say is tantamount to the kind of salary cap they’ll never accept. Teams gave the players’ association their virus-testing plan Friday and have waited to make their economic proposal.NFL-BILLS PLAYER ARRESTEDBuffalo Bills player charged with drunken driving in Texas Update on the latest sportslast_img read more

Wisconsin’s fall from No. 1 sparks concern

first_imgAfter a few marquee wins over opponents like Pittsburgh and Marquette, the Wisconsin men’s basketball team’s chance at a Final Four run — maybe even a successful one — looked about as good as Iverson and ‘Melo on the same team sounded. However, after Sunday’s game against Ohio State and a recent and revealing Big Ten away schedule, the Badgers’ chances at a successful Final Four run look about as good as Scottie Pippen’s chances of making a successful comeback.Like the ‘Melo and Iverson tandem, the season has turned sour of late. With three losses in the past month, UW has learned it has some rather pressing issues to address.I’m not referring to the issue of Marcus Landry’s inelegant goggles; I’m referring to the Badgers’ lack of legitimate, consistent scoring threats outside of Alando Tucker. I’m referring to the team’s inability to perform with the largest target you can have on your back in college basketball: a No. 1 ranking. And I’m referring to Brian Butch. May God bless and heal him quickly. In time for the Big Ten tournament, please.The Badgers have increasingly looked to their bench as the scoring of Tucker’s usual supporting cast of Taylor (boy, have I got some things to say about him) and Butch has waned over the season. With impressive performances from my boy Landry, who dunked on me once, Greg Stiemsma and freshman sensation Jason Bohannon, UW’s bench has been outplaying and outscoring its opponents’ benches, and on occasion, the Wisconsin starters. Unfortunately, the blessing that is the Badger bench is mitigated by the fact that, on any given night, it’s difficult to know if any bench player will be stepping up.Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that Landry can take opponents completely by surprise and drop 18 in one game, or that J-Bo can surprise opponents with prolific shooting. However, the Badgers would benefit from a steady hand that consistently provides them with a second scoring threat. No one — Bohannon, Stiemsma or Landry — has been able to be that guy on a game-to-game basis.Moments of genius from Wisconsin’s top backups have kept the Badgers plenty excited, but teams like Indiana and Michigan State have exploited the lack of consistent scoring from players like Taylor, and our dependence upon Tucker. Double teams and triple teams are now about as familiar to Tucker as the particulars of Anna Nicole Smith’s death, burial, or lack thereof, and love life are to those of us who mistakenly made CNN.com our homepage in the hope of being informed about pertinent news.Michigan State and Indiana wisely absorbed the blows from our bench and shut down the biggest threat in Tucker using double and triple teams. The Spartans and Hoosiers were aware they had little to fear from the streaky Taylor or the inconsistent play of Butch and bench.What’s that you say, dear reader? Kammron Taylor is UW’s consistent second option? Do not speak to me of Kammron Taylor! I was his biggest fan once, partly because he was in a class of mine, and partly because I was impressed with his driving and shooting abilities. But Taylor’s shot has been inconsistent of late, and he spends entire stretches of games being a non-factor.Taylor’s penchant for not fouling opponents is impressive, but he needs to make his presence felt not by the absence of fouls, but by dropping a few more treys, or keeping defenders busy with his speed and penetration skills. Or hitting last second free throws and/or shots in big (read, Sunday’s) games. Wisconsin needs him to step up.And I need him to do well so I can win a longstanding bet with a friend.Even with the three losses in the last few weeks, the Badgers’ success this season, coupled with a number of recent lackluster performances by Florida, will earn them a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. While the No. 1 seed is much deserved, the Badgers now find themselves in a position that is a very different from the one when Taylor, Butch and Tucker combined for 73 points against a talented Pittsburgh squad. Struggling for consistent second options, fighting to provide opportunities for the talented Tucker, and bereft of the Polar Bear (sure, we cried for Landry to replace him, but you can’t deny that he’s a legitimate scoring threat and an impact player). Of the No. 1 seeds that will be playing in March, Wisconsin may now be the least prepared.If the Badgers don’t find a way to free up Tucker or score enough without him and replace Butch’s impact, the Badgers tournament experience, No. 1 seed or not, may end up like a Pacman Jones strip club visit. Disastrous.Gerald is a junior majoring in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies. If you’d like to talk about his disappointment with Taylor, or what it’s like being posterized by Landry, e-mail him at gcox@badgerherald.com.last_img read more

Murphy’s pinch-hit HR lifts Rockies over Giants 6-4

first_img FOLLOW US WATCH US LIVE Associated Press Television News Written By Daniel Murphy hit a two-run, pinch-homer during a five-run seventh inning to lead the Colorado Rockies over the San Francisco Giants 6-4 on Thursday.Trevor Story and Charlie Blackmon also homered for the Rockies to spoil Tyler Anderson’s return to Coors Field.Anderson was Colorado’s opening day starter in 2019, but knee surgery in June ended his season after going 0-3 with an 11.76 ERA. The Giants picked him up off waivers in October, and Thursday was his second start in four games for them.In a battle with Rockies starter and fellow lefty Kyle Freeland, he threw five shutout innings, struck out three and gave up two hits, both singles.Story’s one-out home run off Wandy Peralta in the sixth gave Colorado a 1-0 lead, beginning a surge of runs. Mauricio Dubon hit a three-run homer off Freeland with two outs in the seventh to put the Giants ahead, but reliever Rico Garcia (0-1) couldn’t hold it.Two doubles and Murphy’s home run — his second — leading off the bottom half on the seventh put the Rockies back in front.David Dahl singled and Blackmon hit his second homer of the season into the second deck in right off of Caleb Baragar to give Colorado a three-run lead.Jairo Diaz got the last four outs for his third save in three chances, and Yency Almonte (1-0) allowed a run in an inning of relief.TRAINER’S ROOMGiants: Manager Gabe Kapler said RHP Trevor Cahill (right index finger) will throw three innings in Sacramento on Friday. Cahill has not pitched for San Francisco this year.ROSTER MOVESTeams were required to trim their rosters from 30 to 28 on Thursday, and the Giants placed lefty Andrew Suarez and outfielder Steven Duggar on their taxi squads. Colorado optioned infielder Josh Fuentes and right-hander Ashton Goudeau to its alternative training site at Metro State University in Denver.UP NEXTGiants: Start a three-game series at the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday night. Kapler has not announced a starter for the first game.Rockies: RHP Antonio Senzatela (2-0, 2.45) will face LHP Yusei Kikuchi (0-0, 4.66) when Colorado opens a three-game series at the Seattle Mariners on Friday night.Image credits: AP Last Updated: 7th August, 2020 06:53 IST Murphy’s Pinch-hit HR Lifts Rockies Over Giants 6-4 Daniel Murphy hit a two-run, pinch-homer during a five-run seventh inning to lead the Colorado Rockies over the San Francisco Giants 6-4 on Thursdaycenter_img First Published: 7th August, 2020 06:53 IST SUBSCRIBE TO US LIVE TV COMMENTlast_img read more