What the Suzhou leopard buffet

in our daily life, the most favorite form of food and beverage is probably a buffet, so you spend less money to eat . The buffet, as the name suggests is a variety of food ready for the customer to pick up. This dining form originated in Scandinavia before the meal type cold ad 8 – eleventh Century "Nordic" and "hunt breakfast (Hunt breakfast)". It’s a good choice to open a cafeteria. So what is a good selection of items? Xiao Bian recommended for you Suzhou leopard buffet. read more

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How to join ghebru steak seafood buffet

exchange of eastern and Western civilizations have made some of the consumer no national boundaries, such as what to the global Chinese brand, but also what western steak, because demand slowly without international restrictions, these projects are slowly Western-style food brand is accepted. Some entrepreneurs want to run the restaurant, ghebru steak and seafood buffet is a good choice. Ghebru steak seafood join not only has brought us a healthy and delicious steak, can give customers good visual enjoyment. So how to join ghebru steak and seafood buffet? Here to introduce you. read more

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The new investment Changran professional acne make money

new Chang ran professional acne? Who does not have a few acne on the face, for the beauty of the people, the choice of new Chang ran professional acne? High quality and reliable, worthy of choice. Join the new Chang ran professional acne? If you are also very excited, hurry up!

facial care has become a top priority for the beauty of the people, this is not only for women, many men also need facial care and nursed back to health. With the air quality problems, the face of the problem is more and more. Most people are the main problem is acne and acne and other issues, the new Chang ran professional acne is dedicated to solve these problems for the brand. read more

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Join Chun konwin electronics LED light how net

lighting market, presumably we all know, very hot market. In fact, the choice of small businesses to join the lighting market, is also a very business choice is not it? I heard that the company has joined the project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship!

Chun light macro LED lamp has a more powerful domestic market operations and management team, sales channels extending in all directions, product sales lead peers. Join Jun light macro electronic LED lamp, the strength is guaranteed. read more

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Cosmetics shop stores location techniques more worry

entrepreneurship is a good choice to join the project is very important, if you want to choose to enter the cosmetics market, shop for the choice of location is very important. Choose a good location, shop more worry!

if you have some other nearby clothing or decorative package, jewelry shop to be better, because the store is your goods consumer groups, consumer groups, such as good people with complementary benefits! Can make money where cosmetics stores? Beauty cosmetics chain store location before choosing their own consumption people are those people, you must first determine what grade of cosmetics. read more

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The best choice join socks fashion website promotion and

in our lives, there is always no need for socks. In fact, the choice to join the market of socks, no doubt, is a very good choice. How about your promotion and socks? First class quality, trusted choice. Rongsheng and socks to join, what are you waiting for?

promotion and socks industry adhere to the science and technology as the guide, with high quality products as the standard, in order to adapt to the market as the goal. Establish a good brand image, based on the domestic market, the steady development of foreign markets and the promotion of the brand bigger and stronger. There r hundreds of styles of socks. Among them, the company’s core products are high quality socks, socks and promotion is the national style, complete functions, excellent price, good quality, fast product innovation, won the trust of consumers. read more

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Danbi slave women’s shoes to join the market development space

entrepreneurs choose to join the project for shoes, business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join Danbinu shoes? Good quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship, it is worth choosing to trust. Join the Danby slave shoes? Good market development space!

Danbi Garnett welcomed by the market of slavery? Fast fashion brand positioning, which means that it must be the number of slave Danby brand shoes are in the quality of the products, the trend of product updates, speed, superior products, must have the characteristics of fast, accurate and relentless, really fast fashion. So, Danbi slave brand shoes from its inception, with the highest fast fashion industry standard to strict demands on themselves, and strive to provide the best quality fashion consumer products and thoughtful service, customer satisfaction, enhance brand awareness, expand influence, become one of the brand consumers and franchisees most love the. read more

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West tree why good puff brand

in the Western point of mind is always popular with young people to love dessert, of course, there are a lot of puff brand, one brand West tree puff puff is professional, has a high reputation in the industry, is also a popular investment project, then west to join tree puff money? The following small series to give you an analysis.

West tree puff brand why?

puff variety, other than

West tree as a representative dessert to puff puff puff their delicacy, will play to the charm. West tree continue to explore various possibilities of dessert puff puff, it enrich puff shape, produce a variety of fashion modeling including cartoon puff, puff, there is a square, round and other everything, other more attractive. At the same time, the West tree species enriched dessert puff puff, a variety of different flavors of everything, bring more choices for customers, and constantly improve the popularity. read more

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How to promote the restaurant service

a lot of restaurants will be taken to promote such a means, it is hoped that the store’s business has a better development, sales can be increased, profits can be increased. However, the current number of shops, although invested a lot, but the promotion effect is not ideal. In fact, want to really play a role in the promotion of the restaurant, we also need to do a good job related promotional services. So, how to do a good job in the promotion of the restaurant service?

first, the restaurant to promote the concept of promotion. The most important thing is to make it clear that the cost of retaining an old customer is less than 80% of that of a new customer. Restaurants should try to keep old customers in the customer base. Be familiar with the old customer, should as far as possible to grasp the old customer information (by manager and customer exchange name card master customer work unit, position and contact method; through communication about family, marriage, birthday and origin; customers understand the customer hobby cuisine, culture and habits; to listen to the views of customers of the restaurant). read more

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n the first 11 months of this year a total of 541 fires in Xining

since the beginning of winter, Xining city fire, electricity, gas consumption increased rapidly, all kinds of factors that increase the cause of the fire. In December 13th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held the city’s winter fire prevention work conference, informed the fire work in the first 11 months of this year in Xining City, and the arrangements for the deployment of fire prevention work in winter.

from January to December 1st this year, a total of 541 cases of fire in Xining, no deaths. Compared with the same period last year, the number of fires decreased by 42.2%, Xining City, the number of fires, property loss, death and injury index declined four, to create a good environment for fire safety for social economic development in Xining city. read more

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North District efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood and constantly improve the people’

this year, the North District according to hold the bottom line, focused, improve the system, and guide public opinion "requirement, to improve the style of austerity combined, continue to maintain the livelihood of the fiscal investment proportion of not less than 80%, the money wisely, how to do things for the people, let the north people of all nationalities live more comfortable, more dignity.

highlight education priority. To fully implement the "North District Education Action Plan" five years of development, increase financial investment, make great efforts to enhance the educational level of the school district. Continue to promote the school safety project and the standardization of school construction, the completion of the Qilian Road Primary School, Chaoyang School, twenty Li Pu Zhen public kindergarten in the construction of new projects, new 2 public kindergartens, Chaoyang stadium, Wu Zhong for the school construction project. We will continue to implement the "egg and milk project" and the laying of the plastic playground, a pilot free lunch project in suburban rural primary schools. In order to create a "digital demonstration area of education in the province" as an opportunity to strengthen the construction of multimedia teaching, expand the coverage of "ban Tong Tong", science popularization laboratory, and promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources. read more

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298 consumers during the Spring Festival activist

Every day is 3· 15, as long as there will be timely treatment of consumer complaints. Reporters from the provincial consumer association was informed that in February 25th, during the Spring Festival this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 complaint platform to continue to play its role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, so during the festival, more than trading rights continuously.

it is reported that between February 7th to February 13th this year, the province received a total of 12315 Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer complaints platform calls 298. Among them: 98 consultation, complaints of 14, report of the 2, the handling of voice recording of 184, compared with the same period last year rose slightly. From the admissibility of complaints, the consumer dispute during the spring festival mainly concentrated in food safety, food and beverage and communications services. Such as food, expired metamorphism, price fraud and communication services are not in place; from the acceptance of reports of the situation, mainly in the sale of food, such as vegetables and aquatic products shop Quejinshaoliang shop beyond the scope of business issues. According to the complaint, the reported cases, 12315 complaints office in accordance with the functions, timely accept and turn business, market grassroots regulatory treatment, individual cases promptly solve through the telecom and mobile Easy Access. At the same time, the staff carefully answered various consumer advice, for consumers to reflect the price, invoice, catering, health products "Three Guarantees" and other issues to be answered, to provide satisfactory consulting services for consumers.   read more

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Huangzhong County seven schools were named Qinghai green school

Huangzhong County, seven schools were named "Qinghai green school"

Huangzhong seven schools were named "Qinghai Green School" . Republic of Huangzhong County town of reform school, the first primary school, lushaer town lushaer town village school, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Dan Ma junior high school, occupation technical school, gahe Industrial school, Dongtai Xin Zhuang Zhen Shang Xin Zhuang Zhen Shang Xin Zhuang center school seven schools in Qinghai Province recently won the seventh batch of provincial green school award. read more

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Six of the city is strictly prohibited corruption

no illegal to make arrangements for weddings and took the opportunity to collect money; prohibited illegal in the villagers will, alumni, and friends will access to private clubs"…… December 29th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice, proposed six is strictly prohibited, to strengthen the new year’s day, Spring Festival two during the work of self-discipline.

for "holiday", the new revision of the "notice on the Communist Party Chinese self-discipline standards" and "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations", "to persevere to implement the measures of the provisions of the eight Central and provincial, and resolutely prevent" four winds "rebound" as the main content. Among them, the "six forbidden" also includes prohibited to buy gift greeting cards and fireworks festival festival in the name of other special purchases for the Spring Festival spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses, real or public funds; prohibited use of public funds to receive family visits, travel and other non official activities, or accept the management and service objects to arrange the banquet and consumption activities prohibited Gongjusiyong; "private, public support and the use of authority to subordinate units or enterprises, management service use vehicles; prohibited accepting illegal gifts and various securities, payment vouchers, commercial prepaid cards, gift cards and other electronic. read more

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North five shopping district to enhance consumer spending power

To enhance the spending power of the people, build service district, so that residents can enjoy the convenience of a city lifestyle, this year, the north area of relying on state-level high-tech industrial zone, Xichuan metro development engine, strive to create a modern business, financial services, information services for the multifunctional business service area of a body to enhance the residents of fashion consumption ability.

[] to the construction of green corridor District Baoziwan area plateau ecological agriculture demonstration garden as an opportunity to build with entertainment, science, folk culture, picking and other characteristics of the recognized species of leisure tourism center.

[] to the Bridge Street Bridge Street shopping district as the center, to promote small business district as the core of the commercial circulation, accelerate the development of hotel accommodation, catering and entertainment etc. the traditional service industry, gathered people, logistics, to cultivate new growth point of financial and tax.  

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How to enhance the level of promotional glasses shop

although the number of shops are now carrying out a variety of promotional activities, however, perhaps the level is limited, leading to the effect of promotion is not ideal many times. So, how to enhance the level of promotional glasses?

some people say that the glasses shop business is bad how to do? Simple, engage in promotional ah. Sales promotion is indeed one of the most simple and quick way to increase sales, but a lot of domestic glasses shop in the promotion activities found that many inputs, the effect is not very satisfactory? The person in charge of a well-known brand glasses told us that either the lack of promotional activities glasses shop system planning, or the promotion of the glasses shop is limited. read more

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2014 historical mission to encourage us to forge ahead New Year’s message from

in the 2014 New Year bell will be sounded the moment, again through the 2013 Qinghai daily, through a review of reports, every day and every step of the development of Qinghai. About development, feel the power, it is passion.

last year as the newspaper editorial said: 2013, new year’s message from Qinghai to the people’s happy life yearning, set sail! In flight, under the strong leadership of provincial Party committee, provincial people’s faith, fighting courageously, struggling to build the "three zone", Qinghai earth dynamic tension, major news continuously, the sustained and healthy development of the cause of people’s life more happy and healthy. read more

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County Commission for Discipline nspection led in the east area of the Strait held a charity perfor

7 17, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county propaganda department, county organization department in Dong Xia Zhen Yao Zi Gou jointly organized a "honest performance of their duties, let the people live a happier life" as the theme of the art show east gap area. Zhang Yongnian, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee Propaganda Department, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee Organization Department, Vice Minister of the local people and more than a hundred people watched the performance of Wang Xuewen, Sun Guiping. read more

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